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Ph.D. Alumni


Xin Ruan

Rethinking Privacy and Security Mechanism in Online Social Networks; Advisor: H. Wang  


Mario Linares-Vasquez

Supporting Evolution and Maintenace of Android apps; Advisor: D. Poshyvanyk
Placement: Universidad de los Andes; Bogota, Columbia (Assistant Professor)

Kathleen Moore

The Impact of Surface Normals on Appearance; Advisor: P. Peers
Placement: NASA Langley Research Center (Computer Engineer)

Edmund Novak

Security and Prvacy for Ubiquitous Mobile Devices; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: Franklin and Marshall College (Assistant Professor)

Lingfei Wu

Algorithms for Large Scale Problems in Eigenvalue and SVD Computations in Big Data Applications; Advisor: A. Stathopoulos
Placement: IBM Watson (Research Scientist)

Daniel Graham

Enhancing the Sensing Capabilities of Mobile and Embedded Systems; Advisor: G. Zhou
Placement: Microsoft (Project Manager)

Jesse Laeuchli

Methods for Estimating the Diagonal of Matrix Functions; Advisor: A. Stathopoulos
Placement: US Government (Research Scientist)

David T. Nguyen

Enhancing Mobile Device System Using Information from Users and Upper Layers; Advisor: G. Zhou
Placement: Facebook (Research Scientist)

Zhengrui Qin

Security Supports for Cyber-Physical Systems and Its Communication Networks; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: Northwest Missouri State University (Assistant Professor)

Zhang Xu

Understanding Security Threats in Cloud; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: NofutzNetworks (Software Engineer)

Feng Yan

Workload Interleaving with Performance Guarantees in Data Centers; Advisor: E. Smirni
Placement: University of Nevada at Reno (Assistant Professor)

Jidong Xiao

Understanding and Leveraging Virtualization Technology for Computer Security; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: Boise State University (Assistant Professor)

Haitao Xu

Investigating Fraudulent and Privacy Activities in Online Business; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: Northwestern University (Post-doc)


Bogdan Dit

Automating Parametrization and Assembly of Information Retrieval based Solutions for Software Maintenance Tasks; Advisor: D. Poshyvanyk
Placement: Boise State University (Assistant Professor)

Bo Dong

Inverse-rendering for Data-driven Appearance Modeling; Advisor: P. Peers
Placement: ESPN (Senior Software Engineer)

Mingzhou Zhou

Principled Speculation for Program Parallelization; Advisor: X. Shen
Placement: IBM (Software Engineer)

Zhijia Zhao

Advancing Feedback – Driven Optimization for Modern Computing; Advisor: X. Shen
Placement: UC Riverside (Assistant Professor)

Xin Qi

Improving Context Recognition and Leveraging Context Awareness in Mobile Systems; Advisor: G. Zhou
Placement: VMware (Member of Technical Staff)

Aaron Koehl

Scalability and Performance Implications of Middleware for Nontraditional Web Clients; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: Christopher Newport University (Program Director, Information Systems and Information Science)


Bo Wu

Matching Non-Uniformity for Program Optimizations on Heterogeneous Many-Core Systems; Advisor: X. Shen
Placement: Colorado School of Mines (Assistant Professor)

Yifan Zhang

Providing Efficient Services for Smartphone Applications; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: SUNY Binghamton (Assistant Professor)

Nan Zheng

Exploiting Behavioral Biometrics for User Security Enhancements; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: Shape Security (Research Engineer)

Lei Lu

Effective Resource and Workload Management in Data Centers; Advisor: E. Smirni
Placement: VMware (Member of Technical Staff)

Panagiotis Foteinos

Real-Time High Quality Image to Mesh Conversion for Finite Element Simulations; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Placement: Synopsys (Research and Development Engineer)

Hao Han

Towards Secure, Power-Efficient and Location-Aware Mobile Computing; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: Intelligent Automation, Inc. (Research Scientist)


Wei Wei 

Improving Security and Privacy in Online Social Networks; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement:  Beijing Zhongyou AOTO Science and Technology Limited (Research and Development Engineer)

Fengyuan Xu 

Improving Energy Efficiency and Security for Pervasive Computing Systems; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement:  NEC Laboratories America (Research Staff Member)

Ruth Lamprecht 

Translating Spatial Models into Lumpable Markov Chains; Advisor: P. Kemper
Placement: Virginia Union University (Assistant Professor)

Andrew Pyles 

A Network Traffic Aware Approach to Energy Savings; Advisor: G. Zhou
Placement: The MITRE Corporation (Senior Cyber Security Engineer)


Malcom Gethers 

An Inductive Framework to Support Software Maintenance; Advisor: D. Poshyvanyk
Placement: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Assistant Professor)

Duy Le 

Understanding and Leveraging Virtualization Technology in Commodity Computing Systems; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: EMC Corporation (Software Engineer)

Collin McMillan 

Searching, Selecting, and Synthesizing Source Code Components; Advisor: D. Poshyvanyk
Placement: University of Notre Dame (Assistant Professor)

Zhen Ren 

Towards Confident Body Sensor Networking; Advisors: G. Zhou and H. Wang
Placement: Synopsys (Research and Development Engineer)

Zheng Zhang 

Dynamic Optimizations for Irregular Applications on Many-Core Architectures; Advisor: X. Shen
Placement: Rutgers University (Assistant Professor)

Zi Chu 

Detecting Abnormal Behavior in Web Applications; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: Twitter (Software Engineer)

Matthew Keally 

A Learning-based Approach to Exploiting Sensing Diversity in Performance Critical Sensor Networks; Advisor: G. Zhou
Placement: The MITRE Corporation (Senior Cyber Security Engineer)

Kai Tian

An Input Centric Paradigm for Program Dynamic Optimizations and Lifetime Evolvement; Advisor: X. Shen
Placement: Microsoft (Software Development Engineer)

Zhenyu Wu

Discovering New Vulnerabilities in Computer Systems; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: NEC Laboratories America (Research Staff Member)


Yixun Liu

On the Real-Time Performance, Robustness and Accuracy of Medical Image Non-Rigid Registration; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Placement: National Institutes of Health

Yunlian Jiang

Analysis and Approximation of Optimal Co-Scheduling on CMP; Advisor: X. Shen
Placement: Google (Software Engineer)

Andriy Kot

Effective Large Scale Computing Software for Parallel Mesh Generation; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Placement: Old Dominion University


Chiu Tan

Secure and Efficient Data Extraction for Ubiquitous Computing Applications; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: Temple University (Assistant Professor)

Chuan Yue

Enhancing Web Browsing Security; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (Assistant Professor)

David Bryan

An Interoperable and Secure Architecture for Internet-Scale Decentralized Personable Communication; Advisor: B. Lowekamp
Placement: Internet Communications Strategist, Cogent Force, LLC

Steven Gianvecchio

Application of Information theory and Statistical Learning to Anomaly Detection; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: The MITRE Corporation

David Goldenberg

Adaptive Learning and Cryptography; Advisor: M. Liskov
Placement: The MITRE Corporation

Meghan Revelle

Supporting Feature-Level Software Maintenance; Advisor: D. Poshyvanyk
Placement: U.S. Government


Bo Sheng

Building Efficient Wireless Infrastuctures for Pervasive Computing Environments; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: Northeastern University (Assistant Professor)

Mengjun Xie

Towards Secure Message Systems; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: University of Arkansas, Little Rock (Assistant Professor)

Ningfang Mi

Dependence-driven Techniques in System Design; Advisor: E. Smirni
Placement: Northeastern University (Assistant Professor)

Heng Yin

Malware Detection and Analysis via Layered Annotative Execution; Advisor: H. Wang
Placement: Syracuse University (Assistant Professor)

Haodong Wang

A Privacy Preserving Framework for Cyber-Physical Systems and Its Integration in Real World Applications; Advisor: Q. Li
Placement: Cleveland State University (Assistant Professor)

Andriy Y. Fedorov

Enabling Technology for Non-Rigid Registration during Image-Guided Neurosurgery; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Placement: Harvard Medical School


Robert M. Marmorstein

Formal Analysis of Firewall Policies; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: Longwood University (Assistant Professor)


Leonidas Linardakis

Decoupling Method for Parallel Delaunay 2D Mesh Generation; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Placement: VIMS

Andrey Chernikov

Parallel Generalized Delaunay Mesh Refinement; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides

James R. McCombs

Towards a Robust and Efficien Iterative Eignesolver; Advisor: A. Stathopoulos
Placement: SPARTA, Inc.


Marcia Zangrilli Bryan

Passive Available Bandwidth: Applying Self-Induced Congestion Analysis to Application-Generated Traffic; Advisor: B. Lowekamp
Placement: SIPeerior Technologies

Qi Zhang

The Effect of Workload Dependence in Systems: Experimental Evaluation, Analytic Models, and Policy Development; Advisor: E. Smirni
Placement: Microsoft Research

Glenn D. Hines

Real-Time Refine Image Enhancement: Algorithm and Architecture Optimizations; Advisor: Z. Rahman
Placement: NASA Langley Research Center


Xin Chen

Techniques of Data Prefetching, Replication, and Consistency in Internet; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: AskJeeves Inc.

Aaron T. Hawkins

Data Broadcast Scheduling: Models, Algorithms, and Analysis; Advisor: W. Mao
Placement: Rockwell Scientific


Steven Mains

Optimizing Combat Capabilities by Modeling Combat as a Complex Adaptive System; Advisor: S. Feyock
Placement: Col.; US Army

Richard Tran Mills

Some Mechanisms for Dynamic Adaptation to CPU and Memory Load from within Scientific Applications; Advisor: A. Stathopoulos
Placement: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Robert Matthews

Files as First-Class Objects in Fault-Tolerant Concurrent Systems; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: Truman State University (Assistant Professor)

Songqing Chen

Building Internet Caching Systems for Multimedia Content Delivery; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: George Mason University (Assistant Professor)

Song Jiang

Efficient Caching Algorithms for Memory Management in Computer Systems; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Benjamin J. Coleman

Lookahead Scheduling in a Real-Time Context: Models, Algorithms and Analysis; Advisor: W. Mao
Placement: Moravian College (Assistant Professor)

Kevin J. Barker

Runtime Support for Load Balancing of Parallel Adaptive and Irregular Applications; Advisor: N. Chrisochoides
Placement: Los Alamos National Laboratory


Radu Siminiceanu

Structural Model Checking; Advisor: G. Ciardo
Placement: National Institute of Aerospace

Serge Hallyn

Domain and Type Enforcement in Linux; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: IBM Austin

Zhichun Zhu

Power Considerations for Memory-related Microarchitecture Designs; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: University of Illinois at Chicago (Assistant Professor)


Alma Riska

Aggregate Matrix-Analytic Techniques and their Applications; Advisor: E. Smirni
Placement: Seagate Research 

Robert Jones

Simulation and Numerical Solution of Stochastic Petri Nets with Discrete and Continuous Timing; Advisor: G. Ciardo
Placement: ASRC Aerospace Corporation

Li Xiao

Adaptive and Secured Resource Management in Distributed and Internet Systems; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: Michigan State University (Assistant Professor)

Zhao Zhang

Software and Hardware Methods to Reduce Memory Latency on ILP Processors; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: Iowa State University (Assistant Professor)

Barry Lawson

Simulation Techniques in an Artificial Society Model; Advisors: S. Park and E. Smirni
Placement: University of Richmond (Assistant Professor)

Tom Litant

The Fusion and Integration of Virtual Sensors; Advisor: W. Bynum
Placement: The MITRE Corporation


Mark Idema

Subpixel Techniques to Improve Spatial Resolution; Advisors: S. Park and Z. Rahman
Placement: Maximus

Karen Marie Anewalt

Virtual Path Bandwidth Distribution and Capacity Allocation with Bandwidth Sharing; Advisor: R. Simha
Placement: Mary Washington College (Assistant Professor)

Phil Auld

Broadcast Distributed Shared Memory; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: Egenera Corporation


Luiz Felipe Perrone

Rapid Simulation of Wireless Systems; Advisor: D. Nicol
Placement: Dartmouth College (Post-doc)

Andrew Miner

Data Structures for the Analysis of Large Structured Markov Models; Advisor: G. Ciardo
Placement: Iowa State University (Assistant Professor)

Joe Rehder

Semantic Software Scouts for Information Retrieval; Advisor: W. Bynum
Placement: NASA Langley Research Center

Guangzhi Li

Routing and Wavelength Assignment in WDM Optical Networks; Advisor: R. Simha
Placement: AT&T Research

Moira Turner

An Interactive Simulation Environment for End-to-End Digital Imaging Systems Design and Fidelity Analysis; Advisor: S. Park


Beverly Thompson

Multi-Image Classification and Compression Using Vector Quantization; Advisor: S. Park
Placement: Sandia National Laboratory

Dennis Edwards

Accurate Visualization of Distributed System Execution; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: State University of Western Georgia

David Cronk

Dynamic Load Balancing Via Thread Migration; Advisor: W. Bynum
Placement: University of Tennessee

Sharon Simmons

Casual Distributed Assert Statements; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: State University of Western Georgia

Dan A. Chrisman, Jr.

Limits to Parallelism in Scientific Computing; Advisor: D. Nicol
Placement: Radford University


Rance Necaise

Improvements to the Color Quantization Process; Advisor: R. Prosl
Placement: Washington & Lee University (Assistant Professor)

Viviana Sandor

Wavelet-Based Digital Image Restoration; Advisor: S. Park
Placement: Oakland University (Assistant Professor)

Jessen Havill

Analysis of Algorithms for Online Routing and Scheduling in Networks; Advisor: W. Mao
Placement: Denison College (Assistant Professor)

Yong Yan

Exploiting Cache Locality on Symmetric Multiprocessors: A Run-Time Approach; Advisor: X. Zhang
Placement: Hewlett-Packard Labs


Jean Mayo

Global State Predicates in Rough Real Time; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: Michigan Technological University (Assistant Professor)


Tracey Beauchat

Analysis of (Iso)Surface Reconstruction: Quantitative Metrics and Methods; Advisor: R. Prosl
Placement: EIOR

Clayton Matthew Johnson

A Grammar-Based Technique for Genetic Search and Optimization; Advisor: S. Feyock

Anna Brunstrom

A Bipartite Model of Distributed Systems: Possibilities and Implications; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: University of Karlstad (Assistant Professor)


Rajeeb Hazra

Constrained Least-Squares Digital Image Restoration; Advisor: S. Park
Placement: Intel Corp


Christoph Michael

General Methods for Analyzing Machine Learning Sample Complexity; Advisor: R. Collins
Placement: RST Corp

Sandra L. Peterson

Casual Synchrony in the Design of Distributed Programs; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: Norfolk State University (Assistant Professor)


Subhendu Das

Compilation Techniques for Irregular Problems on Parallel Machines; Advisor: D. Nicol
Placement: Georgia Tech

Mousumi Mitra Hazra

Fourier Analysis of Frequency Domain Discrete-Event Simulation Experiments; Advisor: S. Park
Placement: Tektronics

Tracy Camp

Flush Communication Channels: Effective Implementation and Verification; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: University of Alabama 

Stamos T. Karamouzis

An Integration of Case-Based and Model-Based Reasoning and its Application to Physical System Faults; Advisor: S. Feyock
Placement: University of New Orleans

John C. Burton, II

End-to-end Analysis of Hexagonal vs. Rectangular Sampling in Digital Imaging Systems; Advisor: K. Miller
Placement: G&A Technical Software


Laurie Anne Smith King

Code Generation Using a Backtracking LR Parser; Advisor: R. Noonan
Placement: Ithaca College

John W. McManus

Design and Analysis Techniques for Concurrent Blackboard Systems; Advisor: W. Bynum
Placement: NASA Langley


Branson W. Murrill

Error Flow in Computer Programs; Advisor: L. Morell
Placement: Virginia Commonwealth University

William S. Lloyd

Casual Reasoning about Distributed Programs; Advisor: P. Kearns
Placement: University of Western Georgia


Jeffrey M. Voas

A Dynamic Failure Model for Performing Propagation and Infection Analysis on Computer Programs; Advisor: L. Morell
Placement: founded RST Corp


Louis P. Slothouber

Adaptation of LR Parsing to Production System Interpretation; Advisor: R. Collins
Placement: University of Houston

Stephen E. Reichenbach

Small-Kernel Image Restoration; Advisor: S. Park
Placement: University of Nebraska


Randall P. Meyer

Semantic Specification Using Tree Manipulation Languages; Advisor: R. Noonan
Placement: Concurrent Computer Corp