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Distinguished Paper Award at FSE 15

Mario Linares-Vásquez and Carlos Bernal-Cárdenas, Mario Linares-Vasquez, Carlos Bernal-Cardenas, and Denys Poshyvanykand their doctoral adviser, Professor Denys Poshyvanyk, shared in an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at the 23rd Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE'15) (Aug 31-Sep 4, 2015). Their paper, Optimizing Energy Consumption of GUIs in Android Apps: A Multi--objective Approach, was co-authored with Gabriele Bavota, Rocco Oliveto, and Massimiliano Di Penta.

This paper considers one facet of a familiar problem: battery life in cellphones. In the paper, the authors studied energy consumption by the graphical user interfaces (GUI) of Android apps. A pixel's energy consumption in an organic LED display depends on its red/green/blue color components. The paper discusses the development of a tool to alter a GUI's color palette to reduce energy consumption while trying to maintain contrast and colors consistent with the original colors. Their tool is capable of producing GUIs with significantly reduced power requirements while still being visually appealing.

Reference: M. Linares-Vásquez, G. Bavota, C. Bernal-Cárdenas, R. Oliveto, M. Di Penta, and D. Poshyvanyk, Optimizing Energy Consumption of GUIs in Android Apps: A Multi--objective Approach, in Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (ESEC/FSE'15), Bergamo, Italy, Aug 31–Sep 4, 2015.