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Best paper at ICSE '19

The paper Redundant Loads: A Software Inefficiency Indicatorauthored by W&M students Pengfei Su, Shasha Wen, their advisor Xu Liu, and Milind Chabbi from Scalable Machines won the prestigious Distinguished Paper Award at The 2019 International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE'19).

In the paper, the authors observe that many software inefficiencies, such as poor compiler code generation, skewed inputs, and suboptimal data structures and algorithms, manifest as redundant memory load operations.  The authors then describe the design, development, and usage of a new tool called LoadSpy, which pinpoints whole-program redundant load operations in software.  With a number of case studies, the authors show that LoadSpy can effectively guide code optimization in modern complex code bases.

ICSE is a flagship conference in the domain of software engineering.  In 2019 ICSE received 529 submissions and accepted 109 of them, for a 21% acceptance rate.  Distinguished Papers represent the very best contributions to the ICSE Technical Track, and are awarded to up to 10% of the accepted papers.