William & Mary

Bo Wu and Aslyn Blohm receive the Park Award

Bo Wu The Stephen K. Park Graduate Research Award is a $1,000 award presented annually in the fall semester to at least one currently registered Computer Science graduate student who in the prior academic year "established or refined, and documented, a research result judged to be particularly significant by the joint faculty of the Computer Science department, or a subcommittee thereof." The award went to Bo Wu.

Bo was nominated by his advisor, Dr. Xipeng Shen, for his work in exploring the novel properties of Graphic Processing Units (GPU) memory system and exploiting the properties for enhancing the performance of irregular computations. His innovative optimization techniques provide up to 116 times (7 times on average) enhancement of memory load efficiency. As a top-conference review acclaims, the work provides "a rigorous formal approach to understand and address fundamental challenges in data reorganization optimization for memory coalescing problem".

Aslyn Blohm The Stephen K. Park Undergraduate Scholarship Award is presented annually at the Department of Computer Science Diploma Ceremony & Reception to at least one student earning a B.S. in Computer Science at William & Mary. Each year the department is authorized to give at least one award, of at least $1000, to be presented annually at the end of the spring semester to a graduating Computer Science undergraduate student who during his or her undergraduate career "Established a record of academic excellence and, equally important, demonstrated a continuing interest in computer science research and development, as judged by the joint faculty of the Computer Science department.” Aslyn Blohm was selected by a vote of the CS faculty as the 2014 recipient. Aslyn is a recent inductee into Phi Beta Kappa, the highest academic honor awarded to liberal arts students in the United States. She has accepted a software engineer position with Amazon in Seattle, Washington.