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Gang Zhou Awarded an NSF Grant to Study Smartphone Energy Savings

   Gang Zhou

Professor Gang Zhou was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to support a 2-year research project entitled Network Traffic Aware Smartphone Energy Savings.  This research is motivated by intensive consumer complaints that modern smartphones consume energy far too quickly, especially when accessing the Internet through wireless radios.  Even though improvements in hardware technology have produced savings in energy consumption, this project proposes improving energy management software to make better use of current battery technology.

Specifically, this project will devise novel solutions to identify delay-tolerant smartphone applications, as well as delay-tolerant traffic periods within delay-sensitive smartphone applications, without the assistance of application developers.  Once such delay-tolerant applications or traffic periods have been identified, they will be exploited at runtime by setting smartphone radios to low power mode so as to save energy.  This research will extend smartphone battery lifetime and thus has the potential to benefit over one billion smartphone users worldwide.  The results also will enhance the overall experience of consumers using modern smartphones.