William & Mary

Winners of the Third Annual W&M Computer Science T-shirt Design Contest

Nicholas Andre and Mengrui Ni

The t-shirt design by Nicholas Andre and Mengrui Ni was the top vote-getter in the third annual election to choose the W&M Computer Science T-shirt for 2012-13. The contest was open to teams consisting of one or more currently enrolled W&M undergraduates, of which at least one had to be a declared computer science major and minor. Only original graphic designs were accepted. There were four wonderful submissions that were put to a vote by members of the Department of Computer Science, including all declared CS majors, declared CS minors, CS graduate students, CS faculty, and CS staff. Since the design submitted by Nicholas and Mengrui won in the voting, they each will receive a $240 check for their submission. Kudos to all the participants for their creativity, which once again included some inside jokes!

T-shirts are free to all declared CS majors, declared CS minors, and CS graduate students.
Photo by Saskia Mordijck