William & Mary

Two Computer Science Students Selected for the 2010/11 Stephen K. Park Undergraduate Scholarship Award

Harry Gao and Bert CortinaGeorge Albert (Bert) Cortina and Harry Gao have been selected for the 2010/11 Stephen K. Park Undergraduate Scholarship Award. The award is presented annually at the Department of Computer Science diploma ceremony to at least one student earning a B.S. in Computer Science at William & Mary.

The specific terms of the award are:

At least one award, of at least $1000, presented annually at the end of the spring semester to a graduating Computer Science undergraduate student who during his or her undergraduate career "established a record of academic excellence and, equally important, demonstrated a continuing interest in computer science research and development, as judged by the joint faculty of the Computer Science department."

Earlier News stories on Bert and Harry make clear that they satisfy the terms of the Park Undergraduate Scholarship Award and thus were judged fitting recipients by the faculty.

For those of us who knew Steve Park, who endowed this award, this year's ceremony helps commemorate the tenth anniversary of Steve's death on April 16, 2001. As a former faculty member and chair of the department, Steve, too, would be proud of this year's recipients.

To learn more about Steve Park, visit the commemoration on our Facebook page.