William & Mary

Faculty Receives 3-Year NSF Award

Prof. PoshyvanykProf. Denys Poshyvanyk was awarded an NSF grant (CNS-0959924), which is a collaborative project with Jane-Cleland Huang (PI), DePaul University and Jonathan Maletic (co-PI), Kent State University. The grant will support a 3-year project titled as Development of a Software Traceability Instrument to Facilitate and Empower Traceability Research and Technology Transfer. The work will support a critical research agenda of the software engineering community and facilitates technology transfer of traceability solutions to business and industry. The traceability instrument will contain a library of reusable trace algorithms and utilities, a benchmarked repository of trace-related datasets, tasks, metrics, and experimental results, a plug-and-play environment for conducting trace-related experiments, and predefined experimental templates representing common types of empirical traceability experiments. The traceability instrument will also facilitate the application of traceability solutions across a broad range of software engineering activities including requirements analysis, architectural design, maintenance, reverse engineering, and independent verification and validation.