William & Mary

Bo Wu is the recipient of an IBM CAS Research Fellowship

Bo WuBo Wu is the recipient of a Research Fellowship from the IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS). Research Fellowship Projects are CAS Research-sponsored graduate student projects supervised by their professors who are CAS faculty members. These projects are conducted collaboratively with IBM. An IBM CAS Research Fellowship proposal is evaluated based on both the merits of the research proposal and the student's qualifications.

As a second-year doctoral student, Bo Wu has been pursuing research in compiler construction and program optimizations. His CAS fellowship is to support the research proposal Context-Aware Correlation-Based Program Optimizations, supervised by Professor Xipeng Shen. As indicated in the acceptance letter, Bo's proposal was selected "based on its research relevance to IBM and the high potential for applicability and business impact after many vigorous rounds of ranking." The fellowship is renewable for up to three years.