William & Mary

Holistic Transparent Performance Assurance Proposal Funded

Prof. Gang ZhouGang Zhou, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Department, has been awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation for a project titled "Holistic Transparent Performance Assurance within the Crowded Spectrum." This is a three-year joint project with Dr. Guoliang Xing from Michigan State University.

This project focuses on the development of a Holistic Transparent Performance Assurance (HTPA) framework for performance-sensitive applications in the crowded open spectrum. HTPA consists of 1) a spectrum profiler that models the spectrum usage and dynamic external, intra- and inter-platform interferences in heterogeneous wireless environments; 2) a virtualized medium access control layer that provides unified interfaces for transparently representing, monitoring, and scheduling the underlying radio resources; and 3) a stream and system performance assurance component that schedules radio resources and harnesses network interference. HTPA enables network designers to systematically understand and mitigate the impact of complex interference that exist between heterogeneous wireless devices, and provides reference models for the standardization of future commercial wireless platforms operating in unlicensed spectrums.