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Distinguished Speaker Series

Hans Boehm, a Senior Research Scientist at HP Lab, will talk on Getting C++ threads right on Fri, Nov. 16, at 3 PM in McGl 020.

Distinguished Speaker Series

Prof. Jeannette Wing of Carnegie-Mellon Univ. will talk on her vision of Computational Thinking on Fri, Nov 9 at 3 PM in McGl 020.

Distinguished Speaker Series

Prof. William Sanders of the Univ. of Illnois will talk on a Probabilistic Validation of Computer System Security on Thu, Nov 1 at 5PM in McGl 020.

Faculty Positions Available

Applications are invited for two tenure-track faculty positions in Computer Science for Fall 2008 at all academic ranks. We are interested in individuals with research expertise in all areas of computer science.

Gang Zhou Joins CS Faculty

Prof. Zhou received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science under Professor John A. Stankovic from University of Virginia in 2007.

Prof. Shen Receives NSF CNS-CSR Grant

NSF has awarded a CNS-CSR grant on Behavior-Based Speculative Parallelization and Optimization on Desktop Multiprocessors to Prof. Xipeng Shen.

Salaries for CS Majors Up 4.1%

According to CNNMoney, starting salaries for CS majors last year were 5th highest, with only some engineering majors higher.

Stamos Karamouzis
Stamos Karamouzis (PhD '93) Appointed Chair

Professor Karamouzis has been appointed to the Anita & Truman Arnold Chair in Computer & Information Sciences (CIS) and heads the CIS Department at Texas A&M University - Texarkana.

Paul Stockmeyer Named Editor

Paul Stockmeyer, Emeritus Professor of Computer Science, was elected an Associate Editor of Mathematics Magazine at the January 2007 meeting of the Mathematics Association of America.

George Zagaris Receives NASA Scholarship

George Zagaris received for the second time the highly competitive NASA Graduate Student Researchers Progrma Award.

Tetrahedral Mesh
Andriy Fedorov Wins Top Award at Graduate Research Symposium

Neurosurgeons rely on MRI images to map the location of brain tumors and guide their work in separating tumors from healthy brain tissue. Yet the surgery itself causes the brain to change shape, shifting the tumor’s location. Ideally the surgeon could view real-time scans throughout the surgery and follow the tumor’s changing location precisely. Andriy Fedorov is demonstrating the potential for just this kind of solution.

Modeling, Online Performance Monitoring, and Accelerated Evaluation of Network Services

In this seminar, we provide an overview of our efforts at NC State, in collaboration with IBM and Tekelec, to develop frameworks and algorithms for modeling of emerging network-based services, predictive and dynamic resource allocation, adaptive scheduling, on line performance monitoring and accelerated estimation.

David Coppit
David Coppit Receives AFOSR Grant

David Coppit has received a 3-year $328,784 grant from the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research to support his research on software plans.

PhD Dissertation Defenses

Marcia Zangrilli Bryan and Qi Zhang defended their Ph.D. dissertations.

CS Graduate Student Association

CSGSA is an organization for Computer Science grad students to voice ideas and concerns to faculty and administration.

Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms
Robert Noonan Publishes Book

Allen Tucker (Bowdoin College) and Robert Noonan published the second edition of their textbook entitled Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms in September with McGraw-Hill.

Xipeng Shen Joins Faculty

Xipeng Shen joins CS from University of Rochester where he did research in compiler technology.

Peter Kemper Joins Faculty

Peter Kemper joins CS from Universitat Dortmund, Germany, where he did research in the formal modeling of systems.

CS Jobs Among the Highest Paid

Computer Science (CS) jobs are among the highest paid, highest satisfaction jobs of the projected highest growth jobs through 2014.