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Administration and Committees

Administration 2020-2021

Chair: Lewis

Director of Graduate Studies: Peers

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Kemper

Systems Administrator: Hause

Archivist: Mao

Library: Mao

Webmaster: Hause

Committees (Spring 2021)

Awards and Prizes: Zhou (Chair), Deverick, Kemper, Li, Sun

Colloquium:  Ren (Chair), Chaparro, Hu, Jog, Kumar, Sun, Lewis (ex officio)

Faculty Recruiting: Poshyvanyk (Chair), Jog, Kumar, Liu, Nadkarni, Smirni, Zhou, Deverick (ex officio), Lewis (ex officio)

Graduate Admissions: Peers (Chair), Chaparro, Evtyushkin, Hu, Li, Ren, Lewis (ex officio)

Graduate Curriculum: Peers (Chair), Evtyushkin, Jog, Mao, Lewis (ex officio)

ISC 4 Building Committee: Lewis (Chair), Davis, Deverick, Hause, Kemper, Peers

Personnel: All tenured faculty.

Recruiting Outreach: Peers (Chair), Nadkarni, Poshyvanyk, Zhou

Systems: Peers (Chair), Deverick, Evtyushkin, Hause, Kemper, Kumar, Lewis

Undergraduate Curriculum: Mao (Chair), Davis, Deverick, Hu, Kemper, Willner, Lewis

Web Presence: Lewis (Chair), Hause, Kemper