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Alumni Update

Submissions from 2010 and Earlier

We post updates from alumni and friends as we receive them. Use our handy online form to send us your news!

Brad Arkin '98 (BS - Computer Science) I'm the exec at Adobe Systems responsible for all things related to software security. (My business card says "Senior Director, Product Security & Privacy") I manage the teams that do proactive work with the product engineering teams, the reactive responses to vulnerabilities identified in our products, and the PR & Marketing teams that communicate externally about all the hard work we are putting in to protect our users. Adobe has hundreds of products and services, but Flash Player, Adobe Reader (PDF viewer), Shockwave Player, and Adobe AIR are our ubiquitous runtimes that represent some of the most widely deployed (and therefore, attacked) software on earth. I'm a board member for the SAFECode consortium and the BSIMM initiative. You can frequently find me speaking at security conferences or getting grilled by the security media.

The ASSET blog is a good way to find out what we're up to. (12/10)

Christopher Currie '96 (BS - Computer Science) I recently completed a Master's in Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Washington and currently work with Impresys Corporation, a small software company developing a tool for creating pre-sales and training demonstrations, as the lead software architect. Since graduation, I have worked in a variety of environments, including consulting companies and government contracts in Northern Virginia, leading online retailers, and several other web platforms since our move to Seattle in 2004.

My wife, Kelli, is preparing to enter law school next year while keeping up with our two children, Dillon (5) and Erin (2). (12/10)

Pam Krulitz '86 (BS - Computer Science) After graduating with my CS degree, I spent about 15 years in IT consulting, following the technology curve from mainframes to client/server to web-based applications, eventually leading and selling a consulting company that did custom software development. I now work as an executive coach and leadership consultant to technology-driven organizations, helping them to augment their inherent technical strengths with the leadership and communication skills required to successfully achieve their goals. Though I've moved a great distance from what I learned in my CS classes, my degree still serves as a badge of honor and credibility to my clients!

Currently in Oakton, Virginia. (12/10)

Bill Siple '97 (BS - Computer Science) I live in Brazil. I am a senior systems analyst for NeoGrid, a Brazilian company that writes supply chain management software. (12/10)

Denise Hart '88 (BS - Computer Science) The best thing about a William and Mary computer science degree is that education carries both the advantages of a rigorous technical education and the broader benefits of critical reasoning, effective writing, and perspective on human endeavors. It is the latter, in my experience, that creates the opportunities for the former.

Currently in Arlington, Virginia. (12/10)

Trevor Burroughs '89 (BS - Computer Science) Just started a new job as the Litigation Technologies Specialist at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. I oversee all of the electronic document processing that we use for litigation in this office. (12/10)

Dave Leichtman '00 (BS - Computer Science) I'm the Director of Training and Community at Blue State Digital, and I've been working in Client Services here since 2007. I was the liaison to the Obama Campaign for the first two years I was here. I'm also the Tech Director for Arlington Democrats.

Living in Arlington with my wife, Emily (Phillips, '00, Biology), and our two-year-old daughter Ellie. (12/10)

Pramod Chakravarti '04 (MS/COR - Computer Science) WM is an amazing institution. I was an international student. I learnt quite a bit during the 2-year stay. I am currently in field of Analytics, and find the rigorous instruction still helpful. I hope all students find it similar in their respective fields. (10/10)

Charlie Tahan '00 (BS - Computer Science) Charlie sent us two links: one to Tahan Research and the other to his web page at the Laboratory of Physical Sciences at the University of Maryland. (10/10)

Adam Gurson '00 (BS - Computer Science) I'm working for Integrity Applications Incorporated in Chantilly, VA as a software engineer. I've been with them since W&M. In 2006, I earned a Masters in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University part-time while still working full-time.

My wife, Cathy Gurson (W&M class of '02), and I have a 16 month-old son, Oliver, who loves to keep us on our toes.

In my spare time, I love to fly and am an airplane flight instructor at Manassas Regional Airport. I also occasionally perform musically with various groups in the area. (10/10)

Justin Manweiler '07 (BS - Computer Science) Currently attending Duke University as PhD student in computer science (in 4th year). Recently completed an internship at Microsoft Research, Redmond in the Networking Research Group. Research focus in the design and implementation of wireless networking systems. (10/10)

Anita Roy '80 (BS - Computer Science) After graduation, I worked for a Fortune 500 company. I was in charge of the Information Services for one of their divisions. Once I decided to have a second child, I "retired". I use my degree to help my church. (10/10)

Wade Minter '97 (BS - Computer Science) I'm currently the lead developer and chief architect for TeamSnap, a Ruby on Rails web application designed to make managing sports teams and groups easier. (10/10)

Michael Jonas '87 & '89 (BS & MS Computer Science) I have become a faculty member in the computer information systems program, with attendant responsibilities in the engineering technology program, at the University of New Hampshire at Manchester. See their news story. (10/10)

Dan Malks '87 (BS - Computer Science) I'm a proud W&M Alumnus and CS Major who went on to get an MS from Johns Hopkins in CS. I worked for many years for Sun Microsystems, during the early days of Java (after several years doing Smalltalk). I left Sun 4 years ago to do a software startup and build an Enterprise App Store and Mashup Platform and we've just released version 3.0. Our product is award winning and is used by customers internationally in numerous industries. Cool stuff that I'm happy to talk about with any interested Alumni or current students.

Only cooler thing I've done was build a tech campaign for U2 as part of their Vertigo tour few years back, which was cool too.  See me with Bono (that's me in the green shirt).

Okay, that's my news update... perhaps I'll do another before the next 20+ years elapse ;-) (10/10)

Warren Leister '78 (BS - Mathematics with a Computer Science Option) Since graduating from W&M with about a dozen others with a CS degree the year that the CS department at W&M was formed, I've been very busy! I am currently a Chief BPR Engineer on a project at a large FAA facility in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As a consultant for over thirty years, I have done such things as helped lead Al Gore's Reinvention of Government, designed/developed one of the largest supply chain systems in the world (60 to 70 billion dollars in today's dollars) at nearby Newport News Shipbuilding, and helped lead BPR at the BTA at DoD. I would be happy to communicate with any prospective W&M CS majors. I married a W&M grad and my daughter is a freshman at Tidewater Community College, possible future W&M transfer student. My parents and sister also graduated from W&M! W&M is a great school to learn how to learn which is the key to success anywhere! (10/10)

Scott Harris '05 (BS - Computer Science) Scott is currently managing Software Engineering for Folio Investing, an online self-clearing brokerage head quartered in McLean, VA.

Scott and his wife, Beth, recently welcomed the arrival of their son Griffin Albert - born September 5, 2010. (9/10)

David Price '83 (BA - Computer Science) Even though I never worked in computer software after college, I've been very fortunate to have the grounding in computer science that my W&M education gave me. Most recently, I relied on it a lot when I was researching and writing my book The Pixar Touch (Knopf, 2008). (9/10)