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Alumni Involvement: Computer Science Career Night

In October 2010, the Cohen Career Center hosted the first-ever Computer Science Career Night. About 90 students showed up to hear a panel of employers discuss why they hire W&M CS grads and what they look for when they do. Four of the five panelists were W&M alumni: Jeremy Beker (M.S., '08), Adam Gurson (B.S., '00), Carl Scott (B.S., '07), and Amy Wright ('82, who graduated with a minor in CS).

As the 2010 Career Night was such a success, we participated again in October 2011, inviting five CS alumni to form a slate of panelists: Brian Dewey (B.S., '96), Dave Leichtman (B.S., '00), Nathan Moore (B.S., '97, M.S., '99), Dave Sobel (B.S., '97), and Raelene Wagoner (B.S., '87). Once again the presentation room in the Cohen Career Center was packed with students and alumni. Exchanges during the panel presentation were lively, and an informal networking session followed.

Since Computer Science Night proved so popular with both students and alumni – students gain useful perspectives on career opportunities and alumni enjoy sharing their experiences – we have made Computer Science Career Night an annual event.  These events, along with others hosted by the Career Center, also provide an opportunity for alumni and their companies to recruit promising young computer scientists.

We'll keep alumni posted on future opportunities to participate.  If you are interested in participating on a Career Night panel, please contact Don Snyder ([[w|dlsnyder]]) at the Career Center.

Many thanks to our panelists and the Cohen Career Center for making Career Night such a success!