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Graduation 2012

In a great new location in the Admissions Office, our Department held the 2012 Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

2012 Classical Studies Graduates:(l-r): Tim Quigley, Wilson Fong, Jacqueline Miles, Jessica Stayton, Russ Walker, Zachary Mott, Kelly Field, Sam Angley, Kathleen Shippereit.

Class of 2012 Classical Studies Graduates: (l-r): Tim Quigley, Wilson Fong, Jacqueline Miles, Jessica Stayton, Russ Walker, Zachary Mott, Kelly Field, Sam Angley, Kathleen Shippereit.

Professor Donahue, Chair of the Department, announced the Departmental Prize Winners:

  • Andrea Williams, William J. Hogan Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies 
  • Wilson Fong, American Philological Association Award for Outstanding Student in Classical Philology
  • Jacqueline Miles, Classical Association of the Middle West and South Award in Classical Literature
  • Robert Hoing, Department of Classical Studies Award in Classical Art and Archaeology
  • Samantha Angley, Department of Classical Studies Leadership Award

We also read the traditional shoutouts:

2012 GraduatesClaire Brooks: "I plan to be an emergency room scribe at Sentara Hospital in Williamsburg next year before applying to graduate school to become a certified Nurse. Classical Studies was the best major because it was much more interesting than the sciences that I have taken throughout college. It provided me with great reprieve. I want to thank Professor Donahue and Chesley for their enthusiasm and for drawing me into a field of study that I have come to love."

Kelly Field: "After graduation, I will be heading for Law School (location still undetermined). I have two particular memories about the Classics department - first, I remember the moment (or series of moments) my freshman year, when I was struggling to figure out my major plans; I had entered college planning to be an English or Linguistics major, but by the time the first semester started, I was already in two Classics courses...at some point in the middle of one of those classes (Greco-Roman Mythology or Greek Art and Archeology - I'm not sure which, as I had them back to back), sitting up front in Andrews 101, when I realized that not only was Classics its own department, but I could (and would) major in it. Second is less a memory than a continuing pleasant experience from the start of every semester, walking into each of my Classics courses to find out which of the other majors I knew would be there with me, and never being disappointed by the company I found."

Will Fong: "I’m not sure that I have a favorite memory, but [Professor Donahue] and the [other] professors have made my college experience so incredibly special. The closeness that I felt with this department, both my fellow majors and professors, is something that I never expected coming into college and something that I will always treasure. I do want to give a special thank you Profs. Swetnam-Burland and Chesley for bringing me into the fold of the department and to Prof. Baron for taking time out of his retirement to teach me Latin composition this semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and am much wiser for them."

Jacqueline Miles will be attending the University of Tennessee this fall to pursue a Master of Arts in Mediterranean Archaeology.  She was inspired to continue her studies while on the Rome and Pompeii Trip with the department.

Zachary Mott will be moving to the Washington DC area to pursue a career in software engineering after graduation. He hopes to continue his studies of Latin and Greek, but he's not sure how he is going to do it yet. Maybe he'll become a Latin teacher later in life.

Tim Quigley: "Next year I plan to move back home to Massachusetts to pursue a career in Secondary Education. After a year, I intend to apply for graduate programs in Education or Classics to continue my schooling."

Kathleen Schippereit: "This summer I will be working as an intern at Berkeley Research Group, a healthcare consulting firm.  Afterwards, I have been accepted to the University of Edinburgh in Scotland for a masters program in global health, and hope to use that degree to work in either hospital administration or public policy.  Although I have not chosen to continue my studies in Classical Civilizations, I have greatly enjoyed my time in the department.  Every class I have taken has been enjoyable, and has enriched my knowledge.  I particularly enjoyed working with my academic advisor, Professor Swetnam-Burland, whose enthusiasm for classics was infectious.  I greatly enjoyed all of Professor Donahue's classes as well, and would have taken more with him, had I had the opportunity.  I feel lucky to have spent my 4 years here in a department in which I was able to explore my interests in classical studies."

Jessica Stayton: "I will be attending graduate school in Colorado, at CU Boulder, for a masters in Classics and Latin language. The things I'll remember fondly about the Classics department here are: the overall unabashed geekiness of the Classics faculty, which really influenced me and the other students to embrace our own geekiness. Also, the frequent use and love of Monty Python. And let's not forget Professor Irby's pomegranate sacrifice, and her daily cartoons."

Russ Walker: "How does the future matter as much when my passion now rests in the past? From the very first moment when I discovered the Classical Studies courses here and thought 'Wow, people actually study this and teach this,' and signed up for an amazing Greek and Roman mythology class, I was hooked. I needed to fulfill a language requirement, so I went straight for Latin. I needed to get history and philosophy, and I found them in this department. I had to fulfill math and… went elsewhere, but still my mind rested in the Classics. I changed my majors many times when I got here, but I believe I have found the right one, and here I am. The professors in this department are more than teachers, they are friends. And they are more than friends, they are teachers. I don't know what my my future may hold as yet, but I do know that I will never be able to nor want to forget the time I spent traipsing around Morton Hall at all hours, going to classes, doing research in the library, and just talking with some wonderful students and professors I have come to think of as some of the most important people I will have the honor of knowing."

And, of course, there was cake!

2012 CLST Graduation Cake