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Graduation 2011

Prof. Donahue, as department chair, presides over graduation ceremony.

In a great new location in the Admissions Office, our Department held the 2011 Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

Professor Donahue, Chair of the Department, announced the Departmental Prize Winners:

Sam McVane, William J. Hogan Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies 

Irene Morrison-Moncure, American Philological Association Award for Outstanding Student in Classical Philology

Brent Bickings, Classical Association of the Middle West and South Award in Classical Literature

Mark Nauta, Department of Classical Studies Award in Classical Art and Archaeology

Christopher Barret Sowers, Department of Classical Studies Leadership Award.


Class of 2011 (l-r): Ben Henkel, Joe Vincent, Barret Sowers, Reese Kim, Irene Morrison-Moncure, Mark Nauta, Nicolas Held, Kaitlyn Eudailey, and Sam McVane.


We also read the traditional shoutouts:

Ben Henkel: "As a member of the Classical Studies Department, only one thing is for certain right now: outside the lottery, I am not gonna make any money. I will be pursuing teaching jobs.  As of right now the location is not yet determined. It very well could be anywhere. My favorite memory in the Classics Department probably goes all the way back to my first Latin class here, Cicero: Letters & Orations with Professor Donahue. One day we visited the Swem archives and looked at books dated to the 1600's that included the author. It turned out that class was the Friday of Parents Weekend so my mom and dad were able to attend."

Reese Kim would like to thank the professors of the Classical Studies department for the wonderful experiences and memories they have given her. From exploring the ancient history of the Western world to celebrating banquets, the memories she holds are truly priceless. SIC ITUR AD ASTRA. 

Sam McVane: As sad as Sam is to leave William and Mary and the Classics Department, he is very excited to move to New York City next year and continue to immerse himself in the ancient world in a Classical Studies MA/PhD program at Columbia University. But he will sincerely miss and cherish all the great experiences he had at William and Mary and in that God-forsaken Morton building. While he cannot thank the entire Classics Department enough, he wants, in particular, to extend the warmest and most sincere thanks to Professor Hutton and Professor Donahue. These two, in addition to teaching him in a number of courses, played an immense role in his acceptance to graduate school and helped him in his first endeavors into research. He wishes the entire department the best of luck in the future. 

Irene Morrison-Moncure: "I will be pursuing a MA/PhD in Classics at the City University of New York beginning in the fall. Looking back  to that 9am Latin 101 class my freshman fall, it definitely feels like I have come a long way. Throughout my time in this department, including my time in Rome last summer, I have met some of the most inspiring, engaging, and hilarious people.  I will sincerely miss everyone and everything that has made Morton Third Floor my sanctuary over the last four years."

Mark Nauta: "In the fall, I am attending Depaul University's College of Computing and Digital Media to pursue a Master's in Computer Game Development.  My goal is to bring the Classics to the medium of video games while still maintaining their integrity.  My favorite memories in the Department are too numerous to count.  Whether I was performing Euripides' Bacchae in Prof. Irby-Massie's tragedy class or reading Ovid's Ars Amatoria in Prof. Swetnam-Burland's Latin class, I enjoyed it all."

Christopher Barret Sowers: "I will be applying to medical schools this summer, and in the meantime, will be working in both Williamsburg and Roanoke.  My favorite memories of the department (other than studying in the Classics library) are of late-night cooking and post-Classics Club excursions with other members.  That, and occasionally sneaking a peek at a Loeb or re-discovering Whitaker's Words when translating got tricky!"

Joe Vincent: Joe has no definite plans for the future, and wishes people would stop asking him. His favorite memories from his three years in the Department include: Latin Coffee, learning about Roman art from Joaquin Phoenix, Invention of History, taking part in not one, but TWO skits about the trials of Christians in the provinces, the one time he made everyone play By Jove at Classics Club, taking a "party bus" of three people to Washington, being allowed to give a presentation about fishponds, and many other things he probably shouldn't include in a paragraph which is going to be read in front of everyone at graduation. He hopes that the lessons he's learned as a Classics will continue to inform his actions, and rejoices that he will always be able to claim the moral high ground against people who will invariably refer to him as an 'alumni.'

Class of 2011

Our 2011 graduates (l-r): Kaitlyn Eudailey, Sam McVane, Nicolas Held, Mark Nauta, Reese Kim, Irene Morrison-Moncure, Barret Sowers, Joe Vincent, Ben Henkel.

And, of course, there was cake!