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Student Summer Adventures

Students with Prof. Panoussi in the theater at Delphi


Kathleen Lauer

This summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece! As a classical studies major, this trip gave me the chance to see all of the art and locations I have learned about in class, and it gave me a new perspective that I would never have gotten by sitting in the classroom. On the trip, I got to see Athens, Corinth, Thebes, Delphi, and many other amazing sites. My favorite place to visit was Delphi because parts of the site like the Athenian Treasury and the theater had been restored, so I could really picture what it would have looked like in back for ancient Greeks. Delphi also had amazing views, so that also factored in. I Although I'm sad to have only had such a short time in Greece, it was a very motivating experience, and I hope to go back in the future.

Kathleen at Delphi with the amazing view and the Athenian Treasury (seen from above)


Bailey Hall

This summer, I went to Segesta, Sicily with Professor Paga, where we worked on the site of a late Archaic temple. We measured and drew architectural blocks, cleaned and documented the site, and considered the relationship between the temple and its surrounding topography. There was also time for us to travel to a few other places around Sicily, allowing us to see more amazing sites and museums. It was without a doubt the most incredible three weeks of my life!

Befriending a Doric capital on site in Segesta


Rachel Dubit

This summer I went to Napoli where I visited the Biblioteca Nazionale (thank you to Professor Swetnam-Burland for helping me gain access!) and saw many of the original Herculaneum Papyri, including a section of the text I am researching for my honors thesis. I also revisited the archaeological museum in Naples and the archaeological site of Herculaneum before traveling north to Turin, where I spent many hours in the Egyptian museum. I spent the rest of the summer traveling through Europe to Norway and working on my translation of the Carmen de Bello Actiaco.

Rachel at the library in Naples in front of a diagram of Piaggio’s papyrus-unrolling machine


Devon Altman

This summer, I participated in the archaeological excavations of the Athenian Agora.  While in Greece, I had the opportunity to excavate material culture ranging from 1300 BC to 900 AD.  In addition to learning excavation techniques, I was taught how to wash artifacts such as coarseware and fineware.  It was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Washing pottery at the Athenian Agora