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Congratulations 2016 Grads!

In May 2016, the Department of Classical Studies celebrated the achievements of our 2016 Classical Studies scholars.

Our graduating class receive their baccalaureate diplomas as true baccalaureati (literally, 'crowned with berry-bearing laurel'.)
B.A. Recipients
  • Isaac G. Alty*
  • Dereck W. Basinger
  • Weston M. Coward*
  • Mary C. McCulla
  • Pamela R. Hawkes
  • Caitlin A. Knortz
  • Francesca N. Orfila
  • Daniel A. Sanchez

* = Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa

  • Tejas S. Aralere
  • Harry S. Crusemire
  • Dylan M. Nesbit
  • Joseph C. Palame
  • Nigam H. Trivedi
  • Megan E. Wilson
Award Winners
  • Dereck Basinger - William J. Hogan Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies
  • Isaac Alty - SCS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Philology
  • Weston Coward - CAMWS Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Studies
  • Mary McCulla - AIA Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in Classical Archaeology
  • Pamela Hawkes - Eta Sigma Phi Award for Outstanding Service to the Department of Classical Studies
Shout-Outs/What's Next

Dereck Basinger: Dereck originally came to William and Mary as a prospective History major, but Dr. Paga's Architecture and Sacred Space freshman seminar as well as coincidentally being assigned Dr. Donahue as his pre-Major advisor helped steer him towards enlightenment. Next year, he is excited to spend the next two years pursuing an MA in Classical Studies at Washington University in St. Louis where he will be under full scholarship and stipend as an Instructional Aid. Afterward, it is his ambition to pursue a doctoral degree. He is extremely grateful for the growth, support, and guidance that he has received from each member of this department.

Francesca Orfila: Francesca is a double major in Classical Studies and Anthropology. She is planning on attending graduate school at American University in DC. Her time studying abroad in Greece with Professor Panoussi and other classics and non-classics students make up some of her favorite memories. Even after nearly a year, members of her study abroad group will greet each other with a Greek "yassas" or "para-kalo" and a big smile, remembering their fun times together. Her favorite part about the department is the warmth and close sense of community amongst the students and faculty.

Katy Knortz: "My favorite memory from my time in the Classics department at William and Mary is when myself, Francesca, and Professor Panoussi were crossing a "do not enter" rope on the Bourtzi Fortress in Nafplio while studying abroad in Greece. Unbeknownst to Professor Panoussi, Gwen snapped a picture of the three of us just having crossed the line, catching us in the act. For further details please refer to the photo on Facebook. My apologies in advance Professor."

Mary McCulla: This summer, Mary will interning with the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services, researching the history of fermented beverages and their influence on ancient civilizations. In the future, she plans to attend a graduate program focused on museum studies, with the intention of pursuing a career within the museum field. While she has many fond memories of the Classics Department at William and Mary, her favorite one is studying abroad in Naples and Rome on a summer trip led by her major advisor, Professor Swetnam-Burland. She would like to thank all of the professors in the Classics Department for all of their time and advice during her time at the College.

Pamela Hawkes: I have always been a bit unconventional, just ask my family! So it was not a big surprise that at the age of 51, I made the decision to apply as an undergrad to the College of William & Mary, where I am employed full-time. My intent was to finish what I had started before my son was born, and Medieval Renaissance Studies was my aim. However, the blessed hand of Fate guided me to my first Latin language class with Professor Panoussi, which led to my change of major. The rest is now history! My gratitude for the caring direction of each and every professor in the Classical Studies department, and the patience of my husband and son. I feel I have accomplished a life-long goal. My favorite memories are ALL of the precious time I have spent in each class, laboring over Latin and Greek lines, writing papers, learning Classical history, and studying for “the grade”. I will cherish those moments of working close with Joyce Homes and fellow students, feeling a part of something special and unique to the world of Classical Studies. The privilege of being in the presence of great teachers and students who challenged me, and always made me feel a part of their academic family, will stay with me forever. Yet, if I had to pick one memory, it would have to be the induction ceremony for the Classical Honor Society Eta Sigma Phi. How can I forget Professor Irby coming around the corner of the Wren Chapel with her owl?…a Classic moment! I will continue in my employed position at William & Mary, with the hope of furthering my studies and, in some way, being an active member of this awesome Classical Studies department.

Nigam Trivedi: At the start of the next calendar year, I will have completed a master's degree program in Energy Systems Engineering at Lehigh University. While my near-term future consists of working in renewable energy and sustainable development, I am doing all I can to keep my Classical Studies skills sharp for the long-term. Some of my fondest memories from William and Mary happened during the Spring 2015 semester in Professor Ann Marie Morgan's Greek Tragedy course. Well into the course, we began performing from portions of a variety of ancient tragedies to each other. It was quite enjoyable and cathartic to spend a few class periods during that semester screaming lines from Oedipus Tyrannus at the top of my lungs.

Megan Wilson: I want to thank the Classics Department as a whole – the professors, students, and Ms. Holmes – for two great semesters. I felt incredibly welcomed and encouraged in my pursuits. I will begin my Masters of Education at William and Mary’s School of Education this summer and I look forward to working towards acquiring my teaching license for Latin.

H. Sam Crusemire: I am exceedingly glad to have spent two years at William and Mary, an experience which was in various respects a break from the familiar business of tiptoeing across the minefield of life. I have shared company here with many fine scholars--one with a knack for droll exegesis, another whose teaching was an equal split between ferocity and nurture, and more than a few who contributed to making gratitude the feeling which outweighs all others when I think of this department. In the fall I'll hit the next stop on my tour of our Commonwealth's educational institutions as I continue with Classics at the University of Virginia.

Daniel Sanchez: The College of William & Mary has shaped Daniel as a scholar, as a friend, and as a man in God. Daniel feels extremely grateful to have received such a brilliant education and wants to recognize Lise [LEEZE] and Juan [WHOAN] Sanchez, whose continued love and support has brought him here today. Daniel’s best memory with the Classics Department was when he studied in Greece under Professor Panoussi, where he met his best friend- Eason Weinmann. In the future, Daniel hopes to study law and to continue working at the Muscarelle museum. One last shout out to my encouraging siblings (Eric and Emily Sanchez) and my forever beautiful Abuela- I love you all. Thank you

Tejas Aralere: Tejas has enjoyed his time at William and Mary, but is more than ready to leave. He would like to thank Dr. Irby, Dr. Panoussi, and Dr. Hutton for their constant guidance and help despite all his smart-aleck comments in class and his general foolishness. He also thanks Dr. Mark McLaughlin in religious studies for teaching him Sanskrit and advising him to apply to his own alma mater, UCSB. He thanks his mom for just about everything, and his friends Katelyn, Kyle, Colleen, and Joe DiVito for their friendships and for keeping him sane during his extended stay at William and Mary. Tejas is ecstatic to be attending the University of California at Santa Barbara in September to begin a Ph.D. in Classics and to study Sanskrit. Tejas’ most meaningful memory with the department is taking Dr. Irby’s ancient science class during his sophomore year, which introduced him to ancient astronomy and atomic theory. His favorite memories from this past year are from hanging out with classics club every Wednesday after a long day of classes.