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Hands on in CLCV 425 Ancient Architecture

Devon Altman and Nathaniel Anderson

Classical Studies majors Nathaniel Anderson ('19) and Devon Altman ('18) hard at work!

In the final weeks of classes, 11 students from Professor Paga’s class on Greek and Roman Architecture could be found, not in their usual classroom in Morton, but sitting, squatting, and lying on the ground outside Washington and Ewell, armed with tape measures, clipboards, L-squares, and millimeter paper. These practicum days were designed to introduce students to the basics of architectural field drawing: how to measure blocks and then turn those measurements into scale drawings. “Field drawing is a special type of drawing,” says Professor Paga, “where it doesn’t matter if you’re actually good at drawing or not – you just have to be able to measure something.  If you can hold a measuring tape, you can make an architectural drawing.”  The students enjoyed the experience immensely. Nathaniel Anderson ('19) worked on creating a detailed drawing of some woodwork on Ewell hall. He said "drawing offered a new perspective on the buildings I pass every day. I have a new appreciation for the moulding."

drawing tools

Tools of the trade