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Departmental Funding Priorities


Maintaining state-of-the-art instrumentation is critical for the department to remain competitive for research grants as well as productivity, to the extent that many instruments should be replaced every 6-7 years due to age (and costly repairs for upkeep) or simply to maintain innovations that students should be exposed to before leaving W&M. The Equipment Trust Fund provided by the state provides some support for these needs, as well as W&M and external support for expensive items such as the x-ray diffractometer. The increasing versatility of our current faculty, coupled with their research interests, has resulted in a department requiring a far more diversified inventory of instrumentation relative to as little as 20 years ago, and this need will undoubtedly expand in the future. For specifics on exact needs and how you can help, [[rjhink, email]] or call the Department Chair, Rob Hinkle, at 757-221-2540.

Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships

The summer research program continues to flourish, with an average of 45-50 W&M chemistry majors staying every summer to conduct research with our faculty. While a majority of students are supported by external grants, there are typically more students who would like to conduct summer research than there are available grant funds.  Endowments or annual contributions in the amount of a stipend are an important mechanism to provide these student the opportunity to participate in summer research.  For specifics of how you can help, contact [[as-development, Arts & Sciences Development]] at 757-221-3712.


The rising cost of higher education is making it more difficult for talented individuals to attend the university of their choice.  Annual giving or endowments to support undergraduate scholarships will allow us to remain more competitive in attracting such talent. The creation of endowments for maintaining stipends for Master's level students would prove very beneficial as well. For specifics of how you can help, contact [[as-development, Arts & Sciences Development]] at 757-221-3712.