Accident Reporting

If the accident involves an injury that requires immediate medical help, call 911 and arrange for an ambulance.  Do not transport the individual yourself.  If the individual is paid by the College and is injured on the job, workers compensation is the appropriate route for covering the medical costs.  Accidents need to be reported on the workers compensation form. Human Resources provides a selection of three physicians approved for workers compensation.

A different form needs to be submitted for student injuries.

Accidents should be reported to the [[rjhink,Department Chair]], the [[jcmolloy, Chemistry Director of Labs and Instrumentation]] and to the [[slprio,Office of Environment, Health and Safety]].  Environment, Health and Safety  will initiate a formal accident investigation.  The results of the investigation will be used by the PI and the Department to update safety protocols as necessary.

Environmental Health and Safety provides a good primer to prevent accidents and a recent video from the US Chemical Safety Board, Experimenting with Danger, details three recent lab accidents with suggestion on how they could have been avoided.