Integrated Science Center

Integrated Science CenterThe Integrated Science Center (ISC) features thirteen 900+ sq. ft. research labs available for chemistry faculty, as well as a faculty computational lab. All research labs are equipped with various levels of fume hoods, standard laboratory equipment, chemical and solvent storage, computing equipment, and private desk space for students. Four well-equipped lower division teaching labs, with sufficient fume hoods for every pair of students, provide an outstanding laboratory environment for teaching purposes. There are numerous open areas and lobbies within the building. In addition we have:

  • A variety of instrument rooms, equipped with modern instrumentation
  • Liquid nitrogen service on every floor
  • An off-site glass-blowing facility
  • A complete machine shop facility maintained by physics
  • A reading room with more than 4,000 monographs and subscriptions to more than 90 chemical journals are currently maintained, most of which are available on-line to students and faculty.
  • Large seminar room for student presentations and meetings

Floor plans of Chemistry's space within the ISC are provided below.

First Floor
Second Floor
ISC First Floor ISC Second Floor