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Rachel O'Brien

Assistant Professor

Research Area: Analytical
Email: [[reobrien]]
Office / Research Lab: ISC 1058 / ISC 1233
Website: {{}}
Office Phone: (757) 221-1858

Areas of Specialization
Areas of Specialization

Analytical environmental chemistry, aerosol particles and air quality, indoor air chemistry, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy.


We use a range of analytical techniques including mass spectrometry (Orbitrap MS, FT-ICR MS, and Aerosol Mass Spectrometry) and spectroscopy (UV/Vis and FTIR) to characterize the chemical composition of complex organic mixtures found in aerosol particles and in organic films on surfaces (indoor and outdoor). We are especially interested in the changes to chemical and physical properties that occur in these mixtures as they age.  For current research projects and opportunities for students, please see our website or click the link below.

Research Opportunities for Students