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Chemistry Welcomes Dr. Cemile Kumas as Visiting Assistant Professor

Joining the teaching ranks in Chemistry this fall is Dr. Cemile Kumas. She earned her Ph.D. in Southern Methodist University in Chemistry, and most recently taught at the University of Richmond. Her curriculum vitae includes bachelors and masters degrees in Chemical Engineering from Istanbul and Bogazici Universities respectively.Professor Kumas standing portrait

Professor Kumas’ teaching specialization is in general and organic chemistry, and her experience at the lectern was evident during the interview process. Comments from the student interview panel, and from summer research students on campus affirmed that Kumas would be a great fit for W&M. “Her lecture seemed enthusiastic and engaging. The questions she put in the lecture paralleled what she discussed and would allow students to ensure their understanding of the material before leaving class,” one panelist wrote.

This fall, Professor Kumas will teach the lecture for Organic Chemistry II for Life Science Majors (Chem 207), and will lead lab sections for that course (Chem 253) as well. She will teach several General Chemistry Lab (Chem 103L) sections, aiding the existing chemistry faculty with this large lab class which serves over 450 students.

Kumas’ previous research lies in the areas of stimuli-responsive imaging agents, supramolecular assemblies, polymer science, and biomaterials. W&M has gained a great asset with the addition of Dr. Cemile Kumas to the Chemistry faculty as a Visiting Assistant Professor.