William & Mary

Spotlight: Jessica Belton MS'13

Jessica Belton '13 M.S.
B.S. Cum Laude Chemistry & Forensics May 2010 Virginia Commonwealth University
MS Chemistry January 2013 The College of William & Mary


Supervisor: Gary W. Rice
Title: Electroless Gold Deposition with Self-Assembled Monolayers for Gas Chromatography Stationary Phase

Why W&M for graduate work?

W&M was recommended to me by various professors and forensic professionals as a great fit for me academically and professionally.

Best aspect of the M.S. program?

The opportunity to do research throughout my entire graduate career. I strongly believe the research-based thesis program has provided the best preparation for entering a professional career.

Post-graduation Positions

Mass Spec Lab Technologist with Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc in Richmond, Virginia for 18 months
Currently a Forensic Scientist Trainee with the Virginia Department of Forensic Science, since August 2014

Current Plans

Long term I would like to work in controlled substance forensics. I may return to school for a PhD in Toxicology.