Student Research Blogs

Follow our Charles Center student research blogs! Students who receive scholarships and grants to conduct research also maintain a blog that focuses on the process of their research and scholarship. 

  • Charles Center Summer Research Blog
    Each year the Roy R. Charles Center provides research funding in a variety of disciplines for William and Mary undergraduates. Students devote 7 weeks to a project and blog about their experience. Follow their progress, ask questions, and get to know what exciting research W&M students are conducting!
  • First-year Monroe Scholars Summer Research Blog 
    First-year Monroe Scholars at the College of William and Mary will spend two weeks this summer on an independent research project. Follow their progress through these blog posts! 
  • Sophomore/Junior Monroe Scholars Summer Research Blog 
    Upperclass Monroe Scholars are given an opportunity to conduct an in-depth research project for seven weeks in the summer. Many students use this as a springboard for further research, such as an Honors project or independent study. 
  • Honors Fellows Blog
    All students who were approved to conduct departmental Honors are also eligible to apply for fellowships through the new William nad Mary Honors Fellowship program. Representing a variety of disciplines, the Fellows receive funding to devote 10 full-time weeks during the summer for research and addtional money during the year for project-related expenses. 
  • SuRGe- Student Research Grants Blog
    The Charles Center also administers grants that support undergraduate and graduate student research at the College of William and Mary through Student Research Grants. Funding for Student Research Grants is provided by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the Reves Center for International Studies, the Lemon Project, and the Center for Geospatial Analysis. Recipients of these grants will use the SuRGe blog to discuss their research process.