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Computation, Math & Physics

The video abstracts of research projects done by undergraduate students in computation, math and physics.

Anneliese Brei

Quantum Federated Learning: Training Hybrid Neural Networks Collaboratively

Linda Ma

A Model of Lateral Interactions as the Origin of Multiwhisker RFs in Rat Barrel Cortex

Sage Stanish

TDA and Critical Phenomena

Mikayla Huffman

Investigation of Tertiary Impact Cratering and Relation to Impact Fragmentation Theories

Grace Smith

Improving Text Mining Methods for Politicized Social Media Data

Alexander Berliner

A Model Free Approach to Population Dynamics

Charles Wang

Accelerating Gesture Detection DNNs on Mobile Devices

Frank Qiu

Gershgorin Disc Intersections and Complex Eigenvalues

Kendall Lynch

Static and Dynamic Analysis in Crypto Detection

Gini Rupta

Parking Detection Using Machine Learning

Ethan Nelson

Building Segmentation

Balin Armstrong

Google Colaboratory for Partial Wave Analysis at GlueX

Amanda Reed

Bringing Together Technology and Art: The Use of Machine Learning to Generate New Music

Rui Shen

Recovering Cellular Image Features with CNNs

Paul Scemama

Guide RNA Design for CRISPR Systems

Sofia Huang

Natural Language Text Processing Generation