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Visual Abstracts

Creating a visual abstract is an exercise in distilling complex research into its most important points and in engaging readers in new and creative ways. Unlike traditional abstracts, visual abstracts tend not to include much if any context, background, or previous literature, and they typically do not provide interpretation of the study. They are concise depictions of the main “story” of the research project, conveying the research question, methods, and major findings in an eye-catching way.

Many research journals have started to require that authors submit not only a written abstract, but also a visual abstract. Visual abstracts have increased in popularity because they break down complex information into a format that is easy and efficient to take in. A visual abstract is a handy tool on social media, as it is attention-grabbing and easily shareable. 

When you click on the project titles below, you will see the full visual abstract image and a brief explanation of the student's research.