International Relations

In its Honors Program the International Relations program awards one level of Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • Laura Sauls, "Green Aid Meets Grassroots Development: Explaining Environmental Aid Flows to Central America since the Rio Earth Summit" (High Honors)
    Mike Tierney + Karen Frey, David Feldman
  • Melissa White, "The Globalization of Intellectual Property Rights and the Development Dilemma: Who Violates and Why?" (High Honors)
    T.J. Cheng + Katherine Rahman, Clyde Haulman
  • Sean Fox, "Institutionalism and Neorealism in NATO Interventions" (Honors)
    Greg Miller + Hiroshi Kitamura, Katherine Rahman
  • Emily Meredith, "China Perceived: The View of China's Peaceful Rise" (Honors)
    T.J. Cheng + Sophie Hart, Ron Rosenberg
  • Stephanie Reed, "Greenbacks as an Indicator of Green Support: What the international environmental allocations of the United States have to say about U.S. foreign ..." (High Honors)
    Maria Ivanova + Rob Hicks, Timmons Roberts, Mike Tierney
  • Amy Rossnagel, "Microfinance Institutions During Financial Crises" (Honors)
    David Feldman + Berhanu Abegaz, Mike Tierney
  • Peter de Nesnera, "Peacekeepers for Hire: Private Military Companies and the United Nations"
    Harvey Langholtz + David Dessler, Hiroshi Kitamura
  • Jonathan Lasken, "Getting the Message Across: A Quantitative Study on How to Deal with State Sponsors of Terrorism and the International Terrorist Groups They Harbor"
    Sue Peterson + Steve Shellman, Naama Zahavi-Ely
  • Nicole Schroeder, "Integrating the Balkans: How Slovenia and Bulgaria are Becoming Part of the European Union"
    Paula Pickering + Clay Clemens, Berhanu Abegaz
  • Jennifer Maul, "The Changing Face of Trade: American Trade Policy and Competitive Liberalization"
  • Jessica Young, "The Problems with European Union Language Policy"
  • James Long, "Citizens and Their Agents: Rebel Movements and Political Violence in Africa"
  • Bradley Parks, "To the Aid of the Environment? A Preliminary Exploration of Recipient-Level Factors Determining Bilateral 'Green' Aid Allocation"
  • Lindsay Manning, "At the Intersection of the International System and the State: The Case of the World Health Organization in Cameroon"