Art and Art History

In its Honors Program the Department of Art and Art History awards Honors, High Honors, or Highest Honors to student research projects. The projects listed below have been defended successfully, and a copy of the thesis deposited in Swem Library.

  • Student, "Thesis" (Honors level)
    Committee Chair + Other Committee Members
  • No Honors students this year
  • Nina Cavazos, "Divine on Display: The Siva Nataraja Bronze in an American Museum" (High Honors) 
    Ravi Gupta + Grey Gundaker and Charles Palermo
  • Jarrett Ley, "Human Praxis: LGBTQ Homeless Youth Center" (Highest Honors) 
    Edwin Pease + Joanne Braxton, Elizabeth Mead and Sibel Zandi-Sayek
  • Barbara Pearsall, "Materially Mandated" (Highest Honors) 
    Elizabeth Mead + Carey Bagdassarian, Ed Pease, Sibel Zandi-Sayek and Kara Thompson
  • Michelle Repper, "Amrita Sher-Gil: Conversations in Modernism" (High Honors)
    Charles Palermo + Alan Braddock, Nancy Gray and Xin Conan-Wu
  • Kiernan Lofland, "Prints and Sculpture, a Tactile World" (High Honors)
    Elizabeth Mead + Brian Kreydatus, Edwin Pease, Jason Lowery and Daniel Cristol
  • Rusty Meadows, "Appropriating from the World of Business: Andy Warhol's Key to Success" (Honors)
    Alan Wallach + Danielle Moretti-Langholtz and Charles Palermo
  • Sarah Williams, "Interiors: A Study of Human Core Samples" (Highest Honors)
    Nicole McCormick Santiago + Elizabeth Mead, Timothy Costelloe and Naomi Falk
  • Naomi Ocko, "Everett Stockton: Proposal for Affordable Housing Structure in Manchester, Richmond" (High Honors)
    Edwin Pease + Margaret Grubiak, Elizabeth Mead and David Phillips
  • Amanda Stuckey, "Joseph Cornell and Visual Possession" (Honors)
    Alan Wallach + Eun Jung and Nancy Gray
  • Bonnie Wilson, "Bodies of Work: Marc Quinn, Tim Hawkinson, and the Quest for Immortality" (Highest Honors)
    Charles Palermo + Sally Price, Eun Jung and Elizabeth Mead
  • Kate Zimmermann
    Alan Wallach + Sibel Zandi Sayek and Christy Burns
  • Caitlin Freeman
    Catherine Levesque + Miles Chappell and Dorothy Chansky