Grants Available

Student Research Grants (at Scholarship Central)

These small grants help students with expenses related to the conduct of research.

Charles Center Summer Research Grants (at Scholarship Central).

The Charles Center offers a number of funding opportunities to support research during the summer. Unless otherwise noted, all awards are $3000 and projects must be for seven full-time weeks of undergraduate research. To be eligible, applicants must be continuing students (i.e., not graduating seniors) in good academic standing.

W&M Honors Fellowships

These are specifically for Honors research. All students who have been approved to conduct departmental Honors are eligible to apply for the Honors Fellowship program. Students may receive up to $5,000 through the William and Mary Honors Fellowship program where students are active fundraisers for their projects. This funding package includes a $4,000 summer grant to enable the student to conduct 10 full-time weeks of pre-Honors research and up to $1,000 for the faculty advisor's department or program to disburse in support of the honors project research. Free housing is also provided for on-campus projects. 

Your department may also have funding available for Honors research.

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