Eighteenth Annual Honors Colloquium Schedule

February 13-23, 2017

All sessions will be held in Blow 201.

Click on the date to read abstracts of the projects for that day.

Week 1

Monday, February 13, 2017

Katie Freund | Hispanic Studies
Creative Interventions in Latin America: Economic and Social Projects that Work
Advisor: Francie Cate-Arries

Emmaleah Jones | Interdisciplinary Studies
Where the Sidewalk Ends: Reimagining Urban Space & Governance in Semarang, Indonesia
Advisor: Joseph L. Jones

Zarine Kharazian | French & Francophone Studies
Yet another "exception culturelle?": France's Approach to Digital Eternity and the Online Right to Be Forgotten
Advisor: Maryse Fauvel; Michael Leruth

Morgan Sehdev | Modern Languages and Literature: Hispanic Studies
En Busca de la Alfabetización: Literacy Movements of the 20th Century and the Impacts Left Behind
Advisor: Jonathan Arries

Emily Armstrong | English
Heart, Horror, and the Heath: Female Sexuality and Hardyan Landscapes
Advisor: Deborah Morse

Cameron Menchel | English
The Violent Novel of Manners: Emily Bronte and The Invention of a Genre
Advisors: Deborah Morse

Hunter Gentry | Philosophy
A Defense of Perceptual Dogmatism
Advisor: Chris Tucker

Ashley Richardson | American Studies
"A Very Strong Record of Diversity": Fandom, Identity, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Advisor: Charles McGovern

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lyuba Bolkhovitinov | Biology
Anterior-Posterior Neural Axis Plasticity in the Developing Central Nervous System of Xenopus laevis
Advisor: Margaret Saha

Daniel Rosenberg | Biology
Modulating Intra-Nuclear LC3 with Small Molecules Rescues Cells from an Aneuploidogen-Induced Phenotype
Advisor: William Buchser

Hannah Bunting | Psychology
A Cross-cultural Study of Holistic Cognition and Social Ecology 
Advisor: Joanna Schug

Meghan Downey | Religious Studies
The Discourses on Sex during New Student Orientation
Advisor: Annie Blazer

Hali Czosnek | Government
Responding to International Pandemics: A Comparative Case Study of the World Health Organization Response to Ebola and Zika
Advisor: Susan Peterson

Emily Wasek | Government
A Woman's Place in the State House: Exploring the Legislative Backlash Effects of Women's Increased Descriptive Representation 
Advisor: Jaime Settle

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Polly Lauer | History
Community Radio in Guatemala: Resistance in the Face of Repression
Advisor: Betsy Konefal

Rachel Merriman-Goldring | Environmental Science and Policy
Environmental Justice Communication Among Chesapeake Bay Nonprofits
Advisor: Randy Chambers

Quinn Monette | Interdisciplinary Studies 
Natural Debts: The State and the Individual in Immunology Texts
Advisor: William Fisher

Joshua Zimmt | Geology 
Using Strontium Isotope Ratios to Calculate the Period of Fossil Bed Formation and Interpreting the Preservation of Diversity in the Miocene Calvert Cliffs (Maryland, USA)
Advisor: Rowan Lockwood

Matthew Adan | Interdisciplinary Studies
Empirical Measures of Collective Capacity: A Social Network Approach
Advisor: David Aday

Ivy Duerr | Theatre, Speech, and Dance
Female Perspectives, Feminist Performances: Women and Their Roles in Plays and Playwriting
Advisor: Laurie Wolf

Megan Sonner | American Studies
Freakery, Celebrity, and American Ideology: Examing the Tom Thumb Wedding
Advisor: Kara Thompson

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ryan DiRisio | Chemistry
Using Foot-of-the-Wave Analysis to Probe the Electrocatalytic Activity of Cobalt Complexes for Hydrogen Generation
Advisor: William McNamara

Teri Liu | Chemistry 
Amination of an Iron Polypyridyl Catalyst for Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation Reactions
Advisor: William McNamara

Stephen Gurley | Biology
Characterization of the C. elegans Kelch-like protein, SPE-26
Advisor: Diane Shakes

Danielle Horridge | Biology
The Curious Case of OipA in cagPAI Negative strains of Helicobacter pylori
Advisor: Mark Forsyth

Christine Gao | Biology
Variation in NLS-2 flanking sequences of TR-alpha1
Advisor: Lizabeth Allison 

Erin Hennessey | Biology 
Differences in Immune Cell Amounts Between F. psychrophilum Resistant and Susceptible Rainbow Trout
Advisor: Patty Zwollo

Friday, February 17, 2017

Merci Best | Neuroscience
BMP Regulation of Germline Development During Testis Stem Cell Niche Formation
Advisor: Matthew Wawersik

Daniel Borrus | Interdisciplinary Studies
Noise Sources in Finite-channel Current Balance Equations Using Markov Chains
Advisor: Greg Smith

Colin Weinshenker | Computer Science
Characterization of Machine Learning Applications on Chiplet-based Architectures
Advisor: Adwait Jog

Aaron Bayles | Chemistry
Photocontrol of pH via Doped Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron

Ben Zhang | Chemistry
Modeling Fluorescence Switching in a Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticle System
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron

Sarah Stratton | Chemistry
Tuning the pKa of Fluorescent Rhodamine pH Probes via Substituent Effects
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron

Haoge Chang | Mathematics
Completion of TP and TN Border Patterns
Advisor: Charles Johnson

Gregory Taylor | Mathematics
Real Representations and Involutions of the Finite Orthogonal Groups
Advisor: Ryan Vinroot

Georgia Dassler | Anthropology
En Pointe: An Ethnography of Movement, Ballet Shoes, and the Development of a Dancer
Advisor: Brad Weiss

Colleen Truskey | Anthropology
Food & Sovereignty on the White Earth Indian Reservation
Advisor: Brad Weiss

Week 2

Monday, February 20, 2017

Kexin Ma | Art History 
The Establishment of Ceramics Aesthetics in Song Dynasty
Advisor: Xin Wu

Tianchu Gao | Art History
Nameless Art in the Mao Era
Advisor: Xin Wu

Alex Williams | Psychology
Vicarious Fear Learning: The Role of Empathy
Advisor: Christopher Conway

Jared King | Chemistry
Development and Application of Ultrafast Two-dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments in Single-sided Devices
Advisor: Tyler Meldrum

Jacqueline Chapman | Art History
The Paintings with Doors: Netherlandish Triptychs in the 15th Century
Advisor: Catherine Levesque

Abigail Simon | Classical Studies
Expanding the Elegiac Horizon: Reading Sulpicia as an Active Commentator and Influence on the Elegiac Movement
Advisor: Vassiliki Panoussi

Jen Hartley | Interdisciplinary Studies
Provision of Public and Private Funding of Domestic Violence Service Providers in Virginia
Advisor: Claire McKinney

Michael Testa | Public Policy
The Political Environment of Federal Rulemaking: An Analysis of Comment Submissions on Regulatory Outcomes
Advisor: Paul Manna

Courtney Blackington | Government
Hooligans or Saboteurs? Post-Accession Backsliding in Eastern Europe
Advisor: Paula Pickering

Justin Canakis | Kinesiology
Efficacy and Safety of Pre-Workout Supplementation In Resistance Trained Rats
Advisor: Michael Brennan Harris

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Austin Tapp | Neuroscience
Effects of Medial Prefrontal Cortical Administration of the Orexin-2 Receptor Antagonist, TCS-OX2-29, on Attentional Performance in Rats
Advisor: Josh Burk

Ellen Yates | Neuroscience
Frontal and Amygdalar Convergence in the Striatum: Implications for Huntington's Disease
Advisor: Josh Burk

Eboni Brown | Interdisciplinary Studies
Creating Culturally Reflective Curriculum for Secondary Social Studies Classrooms
Advisor: Anne Charity-Hudley

Liam Shaw | Interdisciplinary Studies
Latinx Voices in Animated Children's Film
Advisor: Anne Charity-Hudley

Seong Ik Cheon | Chemistry
Exploring aza-Prins cascade reaction
Advisor: Robert J. Hinkle

Sang Kim | Chemistry
Enhancing Water Barrier Properties of Epoxy and Acrylic Coatings through Addition of Graphene Oxide
Advisor: David Kranbuehl

Cody Jones | Music
Composed from the Closet: Ingolf Dahl's "A Cycle of Sonnets"
Advisor: Katherine Preston

Holly Reynolds | English
Defining 'Ambiguous Feeling': Vampires and the Queer in Coleridge's 'Christabel' and Le Fanu's Carmilla
Advisor: Kim Wheatley

Lydia Brown | English
"Sanctuary": A collection of poetry on womanhood, spirituality, and myth traditions
Advisor: Henry Hart

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bernadette Deschaine | Biology
Harnessing Microbial Community Dynamics for Biofilm Disruption
Advisor: Helen Murphy

Ebimene Doubeni
 | Africana Studies
Understanding Colorism Through Perceptions and Social Interactions of African Diasporic Women
Advisor: Iyabo Osiapem

Francesca Maestas | History
In Between and Nowhere at all: How an Autobiography Reveals Multicultural Hybridity
Advisor: Ayfer Karakaya-Stump

Natalee Price | Psychology
Maternal and Peer Emotion Socialization Predicting Adolescents' Social Experiences
Advisor: Janice Zeman

Katherine Peck | Anthropology
Understanding Human-Landscape Interaction: Geoarchaeology in the Society Islands, French Polynesia
Advisor: Jennifer Kahn

Kharis Schrage | Biology
Hemichordates as a Model System for Investigating Intertidal Zonation in Soft Sediments
Advisor: Jon Allen

Matthew Ribar | International Relations
Things Fall Apart: The Role of Arms Acquisition in Insurgent Fragmentation
Advisor: Jeffrey Kaplow

Nairuti Shastry | Sociology
Master of None: Understanding the 1.5 Generation of Asian Indian Immigrant Youth
Advisor: Jennifer Bickham Mendez

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Kaitlyn Dorst | Applied Science/Biology
The Role of TRP Ion Channels in Inspiratory Burst Generation
Advisor: Christopher Del Negro

Caroline Martin | Biology
The Structure and Molecular Markers of Neurons Responsible for Breathing Rhythm
Advisor: Christopher Del Negro


Jessica Armstrong | Chemistry 
Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by a Cobalt Complex Containing an Asymmetric Schiff-Base Ligand
Advisor: William McNamara

2:00 - 3:00 
Matthew McGuinness | Neuroscience 
Modeling Remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis
Advisor: Randolph Coleman

Sloane Nilsen | History
The Myth of Classlessness in Wartime and Austerity Britain: Hope, Disillusionment, and the Festival of Britain, 1940-1951
Advisor: Frederick Corney

Douglas Breton | History 
The Role and Legacy of Scottish Highland Soldiers in the French and Indian War
Advisor: Julie Richter

Luke Maclay | History
Animals and the Production of History: Heritage Livestock and National Identity
Advisor: Laurie Koloski

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