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WMSURE Faculty Mentors

WMSURE faculty mentors represent all departments and schools across W&M. They lead workshops and mentor WMSURE scholars. Use the links below to learn more about each faculty member's research and to contact them to inquire about research opportunities. Want more information about conducting research with a faculty mentor? Come to our workshops and office hours!

Department, School or Program
        Research Areas
School of Education Janise Parker (WMSURE Faculty Fellow)  Multiculturalism in Education; Self-Determination and Student Engagement among Underrepresented Youth; Culturally Responsive Practice in School Psychology [[jparker@wm.edu]]
Law Vivian Hamilton (WMSURE Faculty Fellow) Civil Procedure; Education Law; Family Law; Race and Law; Adolescent Law [[vhamilton@wm.edu]]
Psychological Studies Adrian Bravo (WMSURE Faculty Fellow) Substance use and mental health across distinct populations (i.e., college students, clinical populations, and military personnel)/Health Psychology/Advance Research in Personality [[ajbravo@wm.edu]]
Government Simon Stow (WMSURE Faculty Fellow) Political Theory; Public Mourning; Politics and Literature; Race [[sastow@wm.edu]]
Business Amy Xia (WMSURE Faculty Fellow) Supply chain management, sustainability, sourcing planning, risk management and scheduling [[amy.xia@mason.wm.edu]]
Religious Studies Faraz Sheikh (WMSURE Faculty Fellow) comparative religious ethics; Islamic ethics; subjectivity and subject formation; religious and moral subjectivity in comparative perspective; south Asian religious, ethical and mystical traditions; modern social and political ethics [[fmsheikh@wm.edu]]
American Studies Leisa Meyer Cultural/Intellectual, Popular Culture and Media, Women, Gender, and Sexuality  [[ldmeye@wm.edu]]
Anthropology Michael Blakey Biological anthropology, biohistory, skeletal biology; North America, African diaspora [[mlblak@wm.edu]]
Biology Allison, Liz Molecular biology: nucleocytoplasmic transport of RNA and proteins; nuclear hormone receptor and oncogene expression [[laalli@wm.edu]]
Biology Mark Forsyth Microbiology [[mhfors@wm.edu]]
Biology Hinton, Shanta' Cellular and molecular biology, protein tyrosine phosphorylation, pseudophosphatase roles in signal transduction, protein: protein interactions [[sdhinton@wm.edu]]
Biology Saha, Margaret Molecular genetics of early vertebrate embryogenesis, particularly in  the development of the nervous system [[mssaha@wm.edu]]
Biology Paul Heideman Ecological and evolutionary physiology: variation of neuroendocrine pathways; environmental regulation of reproduction in mammals; seasonal rhythms. [[pdheid@wm.edu]]
Biology Matthew Wawersik Cellular & Developmental Genetics: Organogenesis, stem cell development and germ cell sex determination [[mjwawe@wm.edu]]
Business Administration Ronald Sims Organizational Behavior [[Ronald.Sims@mason.wm.edu]]
Center for Gifted Education Carrie L. Bailey  Licensed professional counselor who specializes in working with gifted and twice-exceptional children, adults, and families [[clbail@wm.edu]]
Center for Gifted Education Jennifer Cross Adolescent Crowds, Peer Relationships, Social Dominance Orientation, Psychology of Gifted Students [[JRCross@wm.edu]]
Chemistry Habron, Elizabeth Physical organic chemistry, photochemistry, conjugated polymers, single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy [[ejharb@wm.edu]]

Computer Science

Virginia Torczon

Algorithm design and analysis; parallel and distributed computing; nonlinear programming; computational science [[ vjtorc@wm.edu]]
Economics & Finance Katherine Guthrie Corporate governance: executive compensation; boards of directors; ownership by institutional investors and large shareholders;  financial misreporting; shareholder activism; corporate social responsibility



Higher Education Stephanie Blackmon Technology Integration in Higher Education [[sjblackmon@wm.edu]]
Higher Education Tatia Granger Organizational Behavior [[tatia.granger@mason.wm.edu]]
Edcuation Patrick R. Mullen School Counseling, Counselor Education and Supervision, Counseling Children and Adolescents, Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling, Professional Impairment Among Counselors, Measurement and Evaluation in Counseling [[prmullen@wm.edu]]
Education (Counseling)  Haskins, Natoya 

Culturally responsive counselor education experiences for graduate students of color, critical race theory in counselor education, and school counselor advocacy efficacy assessment tools

Education (Counseling)  Daniel Gutierrez

Addictions Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Theories and Techniques, Spirituality, Meditation, Client Outcome Research, Latino Mental Health Concerns and Health Disparities


Africana Studies

Mei-Mei Sanford  Africana Studies [[mesanf@wm.edu]]
Education (Curriculum and Instruction) Jamel Donnor Theory, policy analysis, and the education of African American males [[jkdonnor@wm.edu]]
English Elizabeth Losh Rhetoric; Digital Publishing; Feminism & Technology; Digital Humanities; Electronic Literature  [[emlosh@wm.edu]]
English Sharon Zuber New journalism, direct cinema, documentary film (history and production) [[slzube@wm.edu]]
English & Linguistics Daniel Parker My research draws on experimental, computational, and theoretical methods to uncover how we use and understand language.  [[dparker@wm.edu]]
Gender, Sexuality,& Women's Studies Francis Tanglao-Aguas The creative work of Professor Aguas explores the dramatic intersections, convergences, and divergences inherent in American diversity. [[fjtang@wm.edu]]
Government Lenneal Henderson Emeritus Faculty [[ljhend@wm.edu]]
Government Jaime Settle American Politics, Political Psychology, Biological Components of Political Behavior, Social Networks and Social Media [[ jsettle@wm.edu]]
Government, Public Policy Howard, Chris Politics, Social policy [[cdhowa@wm.edu]]
Government, Community Studies Schwartz, Joel Political theory [[jxschw@wm.edu]]
Hispanic Studies, Modern Languages Riofrio, John "Rio" Social justice, identity, race in society [[jdriofrio@wm.edu]]
History Jody Allen African American, American South, Race and Ethnicity, Women, Gender, and Sexuality [[jlalle@wm.edu]]
History Philip Daileader Social History, Religious History, and Historiography [[phdail@wm.edu]]
Law Vivian Hamilton Civil Procedure; Education Law; Family Law; Race and Law; Adolescent Law [[vhamilton@wm.edu]]
Law Heymann, Laura Computers and the law, intellectual property law; intellectual property law--copyright law, intellectual property law--trademark law, internet law [[laheym@wm.edu]]
Linguistics Iyabo Osiapen Senior Lecturer of Africana Studies & Linguistics [[ifosiapem@wm.edu]]
Mathematics Sarah Day Dynamical Systems Theory with an emphasis on topological and numerical methods, Computational
Topology, and applications to Biology, Medicine, Materials Science, and Physics
Modern Languages & Literatures Silvia Tandeciarz A specialist in Latin American Cultural Studies criticism, she is particularly interested in Southern Cone cultural production post-dictatorship. [[ srtand@wm.edu]]

Modern Language


John Riofrio Director of Latin American Studies [[jdriofrio@wm.edu]]
Neuroscience Randolph A. Colemen In silico modeling of pathogenisis [[racole@wm.edu]]
Physics Irina Novikova Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics experiments [[ inovikova@physics.wm.edu]]
Physics Eugene Tracy Plasma theory and non-linear dynamics [[ertrac@wm.edu]]
Psychological Sciences Dickter, Cheryl Social psychology with an emphasis on social cognition and person perception [[cldickter@wm.edu]]
Psychological Sciences

Catherine Forestell

My research interests intersect the areas of learning and memory, developmental psychology, and sensation and perception, with a specific focus on the mechanisms involved in the development and maintenance of food preferences and eating habits from infancy to adulthood.  [[caforestell@wm.edu]]
Sociology Griffin, Monica Race, class, gender - critical theory & praxis multicultural education, community health scholarship of engagement; active research  [[mdgrif@wm.edu]]
Sociology Monika Gosin Africana and Latina/o Studies, international migration; Interethnic Relations; Race and gender in media [[ mngosin@wm.edu]]
Sociology Thomas J. Linneman Media, gender, sexualities, religion, and statistics [[tjlinn@wm.edu]]
Theatre, Speech & Dance Glenn, Leah Choreography, performance, Labanotation reconstructions [[lfglen@wm.edu]]
Theatre & Africana Studies Artisia Green Direction, Dramaturgy, Literary Criticism, and Performance Studies [[avgreen@wm.edu]]
                                          WMSURE Student Support Services Panelist
Psychologist & Associate Vice President for Health & Wellness Kelly Crace He studied stress and helps athletes, students, and teams understand the types of stress and how to deal with them [[kelly.crace@wm.edu]]
International Freshman Advantage Program Lori Jacobson Prof. Jacobson's expertise lies in academic writing and presenatation. [[ljacobson@wm.edu]]
Dean of Students Office, Education (Higher Education) Everson, Nancy Academic support [[naever@wm.edu]]
Cohen Career Center Kelly O'Shaughnessy

Freshman & Sophomore Career Exploration & Development

Cohen Career Center Cristen McQuillan Liaison to Marketing Careers Across All Majors [[clmcquillan@wm.edu]]
Counseling Center Felicia Brown-Anderson Multicultural issues, Multiracial identity development, self-care planning, women’s issues, group therapy, and training and supervision [[fxbrow@wm.edu]]
Business Careers (Marketing) Chiquita Griffin The Raymond A. Mason School of Business Undergraduate Program is committed to working alongside the Cohen Career Center to help students find internship and job opportunities. [[cdgriffin@wm.edu]]
Business Analytics (Admission Director) Brian Nigg Combining advanced analytic methodologies within the context of business management, our Master of Science in Business Analytics is a full-time, accelerated program that can be completed in just two semesters.  [[brian.nigg@mason.wm.edu ]]
Assistant to the President, Education (Higher Education) Glover, Fanchon "Chon" Multicultural education, higher education [[ wfglov@wm.edu]]
Admission (Undergraduate)  Henry Broaddus Admission and enrollment [[hrbroa@wm.edu]]
Academic Technolgoy Specialist April Lawrence Instructional Design, Educational Technology, Teacher Education, Professional Development [[adlawrence@wm.edu]]
Center for Student Diversity Shene' V. Owens The Center for Student Diversity serves as a vital link where students from diverse backgrounds can find a sense of community and everyone can learn about the diversity of our community. [[svowens@wm.edu]]
Roy R. Charles Center Lindsey Love Director of National Scholarships
Coordinator of the James Monroe Program 

Associate Director

Academic Advising

Shelly Laurenzo Professional advisors and staff in the Office of Academic Advising are committed to the success of our students. [[mnlaurenzo@wm.edu]]