Become a WMSURE Faculty Mentor

Interested in becoming a WMSURE mentor? Contact Cheryl Dickter at [[cldickter]].

Faculty Mentor Qualifications

Skills essential to a fruitful mentorship include: knowledge of college resources, positive attitude, sense of humor, persistence, flexibility, sensitivity, discipline and empathy.

Faculty Mentor Responsibilities
  1. Get to know scholar on an individual level in order to enhance and cultivate a mentoring experience that, ideally, lasts beyond graduation.
    1. Gain an understanding of the scholar's academic and personal background.
    2. Be sensitive to issues of culture shock as scholars come from low-income and/or racially or culturally homogenous communities.
    3. Create an atmosphere of openness and trust with the scholar.
  2. Be a source of inspiration, motivation and self-esteem boosting to the scholar by encouraging student to thoughtfully express ideas in both oral and written forms, ask questions, and think critically while respecting the diversity of opinion.
  3. Provide academic focus and direction.
    1. Coursework selection advising
    2. Inform (and encourage) scholars of internships and fellowships
  4. Supervise and assist scholar with research project.
    1. Review and comment on proposal to ensure clearly defined research goals and methodology.
    2. Help scholar develop and stay on a schedule of completion.
    3. Hold weekly meetings to discuss progress with research project and other issues of concern.
  5. Advise scholars of post-undergraduate activities.
    1. Guide scholars through graduate school applications process by:
      1. Informing scholar of relevant programs.
      2. Assisting scholar in making appropriate connections with programs.
      3. Reviewing personal statements.
    2. Help scholar develop a resume/CV.
    3. Provide a recommendation.
    4. Prepare scholar for corporate culture of the professional world (attire, attitudes, networking skills)
  6. Communicate with Program Director on scholar's progress, strengths and areas of improvement.