WMSURE Faculty Mentors

WMSURE faculty mentors represent all departments and schools across W&M. They lead workshops and mentor WMSURE scholars. Use the links below to learn more about each faculty member's research and to contact them to inquire about research opportunities. Want more information about conducting research with a faculty mentor? Come to our workshops and office hours!

Department, School or Program
Research Areas
Admission (Undergraduate) Broaddus, Henry Admission and enrollment [[hrbroa]]
Anthropology, Africana Studies Blakey, Michael Biological anthropology, biohistory, skeletal biology; North America, African diaspora [[mlblak]]
Anthropology, Africana Studies Edwards-Ingram, Ywone African-American material culture, history archaeology museums & slavery, representative of African Americans in public history, community studies [[ydedwa]]
Art & Art History McCormick, Nicole Painting & drawing [[njmcco]]
Assistant to the President, Education (Higher Education) Glover, Fanchon "Chon" Multicultural education, higher education [[wfglov]]
Biology Allison, Liz Molecular biology: nucleocytoplasmic transport of RNA and proteins; nuclear hormone receptor and oncogene expression [[laalli]]
Biology Cristol, Dan Animal behavior, behavioral ecology, ornithology, ecotoxicology [[dacris]]
Biology Fashing, Norman Insect biology (behavior & ecology mainly in summer months, systematics) [[njfash]]
Biology Hinton, Shanta Cellular and molecular biology, protein tyrosine phosphorylation, pseudophosphatase roles in signal transduction, protein: protein interactions [[sdhinton]]
Biology Murphy, Helen Evolution, microbiology, ecology population genetics [[hamurphy]]
Biology Saha, Margaret Molecular genetics of early vertebrate embryogenesis, particularly in  the development of the nervous system [[mssaha]]
Biology Shakes, Diane Cell & developmental biology [[dcshak]]
Biology Swaddle, John Environmental science, biology [[jpswad]]
Chemistry Habron, Elizabeth Physical organic chemistry, photochemistry, conjugated polymers, single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy [[ejharb]]
Chemistry Wustholz, Kristin Solar cells, art conservation, laser spectroscopy, physical chemistry [[kwustholz]]
Counseling Center Goode-Cross, David Multicultural issues, men's issues, LGBT issues, therapeutic use of mindfulness, training and supervision [[dtgoodecross]]
Counseling Center Mann, Warnetta College Mental Health Administration, cultural issues in psychotherapy, trauma and recovery, women's issues, training and supervision [[wcmann]]
Dean of Students Office, Education (Higher Education) Everson, Nancy Academic support [[naever]]
Education (Counseling)  Haskins, Natoya 

Culturally responsive counselor education experiences for graduate students of color, critical race theory in counselor education, and school counselor advocacy efficacy assessment tools

Education (Curriculum and Instruction) Donnor, Jamel Theory, policy analysis, and the education of African American males [[jkdonnor]]
Education (Curriculum and Instruction) Stoddard, Jeremy Intersection of social studies education and media, using critical and socio-cultural theories to analyze how teachers and students make sense of, and utilize, different forms of media in teaching and learning social studies (i.e., film, video games, web) [[jdstod]]
Education (Higher Education) Scott, Shylan Residential life, student services and development [[sesco2]]
Education (Higher Education), Community Studies Cullum, Christen Higher education administration, admissions [[e|cmcullum]]
Education (Special Education) deFur, Sharon Disability policy, special education, inclusive practices, transition from secondary to post-secondary for student w/ disabilities, families of student with disability [[sharon.defur]]
Education (Special Education) Whalon, Kelly Special education, disability studies, autism  [[kjwhal]]
English Morse, Deborah Victorian studies, English novel, the animal in Victorian literature, film studies [[ddmors]]
English Wheatley, Kim Early 19th-century British literature [[kewhea]]
English, American Studies Scholnick, Bob Reception of evolutionary theory in Britain and America in the decades before Darwin, American literature, literature and science, history of the book [[rjscho]]
Government, Public Policy Howard, Chris Politics, Social policy [[cdhowa]]
Government, Community Studies Schwartz, Joel Political theory [[jxschw]]
Hispanic Studies, Modern Languages Riofrio, John "Rio" Social justice, identity, race in society [[jdriofrio]]
History Pope, Jeremy Ancient and medieval histories of Africa [[jwpope]]
History, American Studies Meyer, Leisa U.S. and American women's history, gender history, twentieth-century cultural history, and the history of sexuality [[ldmeye]]
Kinesiology & Health Sciences Looft-Wilson, Robin Cardiovascular physiology & disease, exercise physiology, cellular/molecular signaling [[rlooft]]
Law Banks, Angela Human rights law, immigration law, international law, women and the law [[ambank]]
Law Grover, Susan Civil procedure, civil rights law, employment discrimination law, law and society, women and the law [[ssgrov]]
Law Heymann, Laura Computers and the law, intellectual property law; intellectual property law--copyright law, intellectual property law--trademark law, internet law [[laheym]]
Music, Africana Studies Murchison, Gayle Music, musicology, black expressive culture [[gmmurc]]
Psychological Sciences Ball, Chris Unconscious memory processes, applied cognitive psychology, research methodology & analysis [[ctball]]
Psychological Sciences Dallaire, Danielle Children's social and emotional development, how children and families cope with separation from parents, including how parental incarceration affects children, parent-child attachment relationships, developmental psychopathology [[dallaire]]
Psychological Sciences Dickter, Cheryl Social psychology with an emphasis on social cognition and person perception [[cldickter]]
Psychological Sciences Porter, Christy Neuroscience [[mcport]]
Sociology Aday, David Community health, community capacity building, health disparities [[dpaday]]
Sociology Griffin, Monica Race, class, gender - critical theory & praxis multicultural education, community health scholarship of engagement; active research  [[mdgrif]]
Sociology Hanley, Caroline U.S. social inequalities (class & race esp. earnings inequalities but also other issues related to achievement in education & the labor market) [[cehanl]]
Sociology Quark, Amy Socio-economic change, political sociology/political economy, globalization, global inequalities, governance and regulation, agro-food systems, local/community development [[aaquark]]
Sociology Sohoni, Deenesh Demography, immigration and assimilation, race relations, sociology of education, globalization [[dssoho]]
Theatre, Speech & Dance Glenn, Leah Choreography, performance, Labanotation reconstructions [[lfglen]]