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In the mid-1970's, there was a different community-learning group at W&M called "Project Plus." The Hundred Acre Wood group is a group of seven families who were part of Project Plus. On the eve of their 30th Reunion, they initiated a partnership with W&M to support community-based learning.

Their inspiration was their study of Alvin Toffler's Future Shock. As students, they imagined what people of the future would do with the leisure time afforded by advances in technology. Thirty years later, they found that the scarcest, most precious commodity they had to share with others was their time.

Each year the group returns to Williamsburg for a couple days to engage in outreach projects with students. We are proud to show the engaged scholarship that their financial contribution allows.

We use financial donations to support students' travel and purchase research materials. Where designated, funds go to faculty for new course development. You may also request that your contribution go towards funding Sharpe Summer Research grants.

Your contribution to the Sharpe Programs will help provide our students with the best possible learning experiences.

You can contribute online with your credit card, using our secure web server. The contribution form will be pre-selected to direct your gift to the Sharpe Programs for Community Engagement and Scholarship.

More Ways to Contribute
To contribute by mail, make your check payable to The William & Mary Foundation. Please be sure in your check's memo area to note how you are designating your gift. Mailing address:

William & Mary
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Gifts of securities, such as stocks and mutual funds, can be a strategically effective way to support the programs of William & Mary. Please contact the Gift Accounting Office at 757-221-1080 to make your gift using securities.

Deferred Gifts

We encourage you to consult the Gift Planning Office when making a bequest provision in your will, retirement plan, or other estate plan. This office can provide the appropriate legal name and language to ensure that your bequest can be used the way you intend.

Matching Gift Program

Many companies encourage employees, their families, and retirees to make charitable contributions by matching their philanthropic support. Matching gifts can double, or even triple, the impact of your igift. Your Human Resources office will be able to tell you if your employer has a matching gift program and provide details on how to secure the matched funds. You may also use the College's Matching Gift Search page to see if your company has a matching giving program.

For More Information

To further explore giving options that will be meaningful and beneficial to you, please contact Arts & Sciences Development at 757-221-7737.

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