Sharpie Life

"Spotswood is an amazing place to live for freshman year. I love that there is diversity in the scholars that reside in Spotswood; it is not just Sharpies, but also Monroe Scholars, 1693 Scholars, and St. Andrews students.

"Additionally, the environment in Spotswood is very relaxed and everyone is friendly and encourages each other to succeed. This atmosphere helps make the William and Mary experience more meaningful. I will always cherish my Spotswood family."- Sabrina Mayor '18

In addition to the academic course work, there are several immediate, practical advantages to becoming a Sharpe Scholar:

  • A living-learning community (LLC) - Sharpe Scholars live together in Spotswood Hall* - a residence hall specifically for Sharpe and other Scholars. There are plenty of benefits to living in an LLC:
    • you will immediately be surrounded by people with whom you have at least one common interest
    • an easier transition from high school
    • more frequent personal interactions with faculty
  • Priority Registration - Due to required course enrollments and scheduling, Sharpe Scholars are among those who have first choice in choosing your fall semester classes. 
  • Research Funding - After your first year, you will be eligible to apply for $3,000 of funding for community-based summer research.

"Spotswood is the place to be! It housed some of the funniest, most altruistic, and genuine people I ever met during my freshman year at William and Mary.

"Spotswood really embodies the William & Mary ideal of everyone being connected, regardless of where you're from or what floor you live on. I encourage anyone who has the Spotswood opportunity to cherish it because it truly represents so much more than a building." - Nathanael Paige '18


*Spotswood Hall is located in the Botetourt Complex of freshman housing.  Students requiring more accessible living assignments outside of Spotswood are encouraged to apply, and their participation will be accommodated in all programming.