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2014-2015 fellows

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Merci Best '17

My name is Merci Best. I am a Sophomore, Class of 2017, prospective Neuroscience major and possible Community Studies minor. I participated in the Sharpe Program as a Freshman and took Professor Hudley's African American English seminar. Through the Sharpe Program I started a Community Studies project that seeks to observe the opportunity gap for females in STEM. My research project went on to develop in Professor Aday's Community Studies Research Methods class to acknowledge the opportunity gap for all multicultural (minority) individuals in STEM . My project now analyzes how Richmond City can organize to create effective STEM summer education programs that result in the formation of positive STEM-self concepts in multicultural and female students. The program I developed was piloted this summer at the East End Boys & Girls Club and during this semester I will work to analyze the data received. This semester  I will also continue my research with the Biology department in Professor Wawersik's research lab.  I am really excited to work with and mentor the Sharpe Scholars alongside Professor Griffin through her CMST 150W: Activism and the Cultural Arts course. 

Rachel Boykin '15

Hello! My name is Rachel Boykin and I am a senior here at the College. I am majoring in Psychology, focusing my studies in biology and human sexuality. Throughout my college career I have spent a majority of time volunteering and working with non-profits, such as Avalon: Women's Shelter, and Camp Kesem. On campus, I am the VP of the Mental Health Branch for HOPE, a Diversity Peer Educator and the founder of student-led hazing prevention peer educator organization. Throughout my college career I have focused my energy on time volunteering in labs or taking academic courses that aid in shedding light on the complex issue of attachment styles and relationships within abnormal familial situations. It is my goal to receive a double Master's degree in Family Counseling with a concentration in trauma, and human sexuality, where I can then aid those in need of individual or group therapy.

Eboni Brown '17

My name is Eboni Brown and I am currently a sophomore here at the College. I am an intended Government major and I am from Hopewell, VA. I am a William and Mary Scholar as well as a Sharpe Community Scholar. These two programs have introduced me to the wonderful world of community engagement and community based research. I am currently a volunteer with College Partnership for kids and I am working on an independent study about the need for more diversity among teachers here in the United States. This past summer, I was an intern with the NAACP Washington Bureau where I researched the Voting Rights Act of 2014 as well as ways that the government can work to reduce financial disparities among schools.

Brooke Huffman '15

Howdy all! My name is Brooke, and I am a senior majoring in International Relations and Environmental Health.  I’ve been participating in Medical Aid Nicaragua: Outreach Scholarship (MANOS) since my freshman year, and it has been by far my most challenging and rewarding research experience. Recently, my research within MANOS has involved social network analysis and the use of Geographic Information Systems to map and analyze the layout of community resources. Outside of MANOS, I work with the Committee on Sustainability to facilitate sustainability initiatives on campus and in Professor Leu’s Applied Conservation and Ecological Research Lab.

Sarah Perry '16

My name is Sarah Perry and am a junior here at the College. I am double majoring in Psychology and Sociology with a focus on Criminal Psychology. On campus I serve on the Undergraduate Honor Council, am on the executive board for Merrimac Mentors, and this year I am starting to work in the Healthy Beginnings research lab. I also work for Phonathon, horseback ride, take photographs for the Flat Hat, and am a member of a social sorority. I hope to go on to graduate school and earn a PhD. in Clinical Psychology. 

Morgan Sehdev '17

Hailing from South Jersey, I am a current sophomore at the College. My current academic aspirations involve a double major in Hispanic Studies and Biology, while fulfilling premed requirements. When I am not busy with classes, you might find me working in Dr. Saha’s developmental biology lab, drawing and designing the latest issue of the Comparative Humanities Undergraduate Journal, working with the campus’s Health Outreach Peer Educators, or spending lots of time at the campus rec. Last year, I was a Sharpe Scholar myself. I was enrolled in Dr. Dallaire’s psychology seminar and got the opportunity to work with Merrimac Mentors, working towards a final project of designing a career fair to hold at the facility. I have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to SOMOS through the Sharpe program and have spent the past year working with the team on community based participatory research, and have traveled to the Dominican Republic twice so far to engage in the projects work - this summer carrying out a project gauging the level of community efficacy as it pertains to dengue.

Quinton Ullrich '17 

An economics and linguistics double-major, I am a former Sharpe Scholar and sophomore, who is interested in solving environmental policy issues by using economic and legal analysis. As a first year Sharpie, under the supervision of Living with the Environment professor, Dr. Dennis Taylor, I worked with five other students to integrate demographic information with flood zone models using Geographic Information System (GIS) software. Currently, I am seeking to expand on this research by incorporating analysis of environmental law and eminent domain issues as they apply to coastal flooding in the Tidewater region of Virginia. I am excited to begin a new chapter in environmental research this year and to be working with Dr. Dennis Taylor and the Sharpe Scholars of Living with the Environment

Darice Xue '15

Darice is absolutely delighted to serve as a Sharpe Program Assistant for a second year, having started out as a Sharpie in Prof. Griffin’s Literacy and Social Change seminar her freshman year. Currently Darice is a junior majoring in International Relations with an interest in international trade and economic development. This past summer, she had the opportunity to travel to a think tank in Mexico City to build geocoding and geospatial information systems capacity (GIS) skills on behalf of AidData, an on-campus research innovation lab that tracks development finance. In general, Darice is extremely interested in the politics of aid allocation especially with regards to south-south cooperation. She hopes to continue her investigations of aid allocation comparing quality of aid programs between traditional and nontraditional donors.