Student Leadership Positions

The Sharpe Community Scholars Program relies on student leadership. Periodically, we need current students to fill the following roles. Position availability varies from year to year. The team coordinates responsibilities performed by each person. For more information about each position contact the Sharpe office at 757-221-2460.

Sharpe Undergraduate Program Assistant

The Sharpe Program Assistant assists with guiding and supporting the Sharpe Teaching Fellows by

  • Coordinating the activities of the Sharpe Teaching Fellows.
  • Assisting with the training of Sharpe Teaching Fellows.
  • Coordinating communications to Sharpe Teaching Fellows.
  • Assisting with broad communication about program-related events
Sharpe Teaching Fellows

Sharpe Teaching Fellows will

  • Promote student learning by working with Sharpe faculty and civic leaders.
  • Coordinate logistics for seminar community engagement projects.
  • Attend seminars with their students
  • Attend staff meetings with Sharpe's Graduate Coordinator
  • Communicate on a weekly basis with students, community partners and program staff
  • Assist with student transportation and communication with community partners
Volunteer Interns

Volunteer Interns will

  • Provide leadership in promoting the Sharpe program to prospective students
  • Help the Admissions Office coordinate presentations or distribute Sharpe promotional materials
  • Respond to inquiries (emails or phone calls) about the Sharpe Program
  • Represent the Sharpe Program to external audiences