How to Apply

Sharpe Summer Grants are available only to students who have participated in the Sharpe Community Scholars Program as freshmen, and students who are continuing enrollees in the Community Studies Minor program.

The application deadline is determined according to the Charles Center Summer Research Grant deadline.

** To apply for a Sharpe and Community Studies scholarship, you must submit this online application.  **  Please use your address when registering.

Each Sharpe online application consists of basic and academic information (including an academic transcript - Banner, unofficial), Student IRB information, a project proposal (max. 2 page, single-spaced), and a personal statement (max. 1 page, single-spaced).  

Sharpe applicants are required to enter the following information for Recommendation Letters or Letters of Support in the application:

  • One letter of recommendation (preferrably from the research project's faculty advisor).  
  • Students working with community organizations or individual contacts in addition to a faculty advisor are asked to provide an additional Letter of Support from the supervising individual.

If your reasearch involves human subjects in any way, you must submit your proposal to the Student Institutional Review Board (StudentIRB) prior to submitting your application for summer research support. You will be asked to indicate on the online application form when you submitted your proposal to the IRB.

A note on combining internships with research: Students may incorporate an internship into their project only if their time is not already committed to another undertaking, and the student is able to dedicate at least seven full-time weeks to the project.  For example, if the student is doing a full-time, seven week, unpaid internship with an environmental non-profit organization and this non-profit permits the student to dedicate full-time to the research, the student is eligible for funding; if the work with the non-profit is a fully paid job, the student may not receive funding because 100% of the student's time is already committed. A student cannot receive money for research if they are getting paid for an internship or if they cannot dedicate seven full time weeks to the research.

For more information, please contact Monica Griffin at [[mdgrif]]. For a complete listing of research and public service related summer grants at the College of William and Mary, please visit the Charles Center.