Current Sharpe Scholarship Recipients

2017 Scholarship Recipients
Amna Baloul

Nutrition and Emotional Health: Examining the Association between Poor Nutrition and Depression in a Population of Pregnant Incarcerated Women

Shannon Dutchie GED Programming in Correctional Facilities
Caitlen Macias Hentze Gender Roles and Community Participation 
Reema Patel Exploring and Evaluating Organizational Efforts to Help D.C.’s Mentally Ill Homeless Population
Caitlin Taylor From Biases to Behaviors: Predicting Discriminatory Behaviors Directed Towards Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
2016 Scholarship Recipients
Neha Agrawal Early Marriage and Sexual and Reproductive Health among Maha
Yukuan Hao Han-Yi Education Achievement Gap in Southwest China
Alexa Mason Music and the Movement: Protest Music and the #BlackLivesMatter Movement
2015 Scholarship Recipients
Ariel Cadby-Spicer The Effect of Social Infrastructure on Health Outcomes in Marginalized Communities
Sora Edwards-Thro Laptops for Literacy
Nathaniel Marshall Understanding Andean Economics Development
Hannah Mawyer Assessment of Basic First Aid Kowledge and Community Needs in Andahuaylas, Peru
Sarah Perry The Intersection of Motherhood, Incarceration, and Recidivism
2014 Sharpe Scholarship Recipients
Madeline Grimm Travel Guides that Shaped the Nation
Alberta Kallon Irish Film Culture
Victoria Mangiapani The Impact of Gender in Video Gameplay
Richie Thaxton Environmental Awareness at Aspen TREE
Emily Wasek  Creating an Inclusive Democracy
2013 Sharpe Scholarship Recipients
Brianna Buch Sanitation Health in Fodome Ahor, Ghana
Genevieve Duncan Moderate to Low Income Housing Options in Greater Williamsburg
Ryan Durazo Social Capital and the Rio Grande Valley
Ebony Lambert Self-thought Matters. Self-Esteem in Academia
2012 Sharpe Scholarship Recipients
Aiden De Sena Pesticide Pollution Degradation in Pautanal River Systems, Ecotourism Conservation and Education Project
Akshay Deverakonda Oxygenating a Local Fishing Pond through Use of a Biohaven Floating Island Matrix
Emily Mahoney Does the Microconsignment Model Overcome the Complex Challenges that MFIs Face in Ecuador, and If So, How?
Wesley Meyer Examination of Locally Grown Foods (Terroir), Small Farming and the Development of the 'Slow Food' Movement
Alexander Pellegrino Attitudes toward Environmental Issues of Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Community Members in Costa Rica
Alex Cooper LGBT Organizations in Prague and Sarajevo *(seed fund)*