How to Apply

William & Mary invites all admitted, first-year students to apply to the Sharpe Community Scholars Program. We will accept and notify applicants on a rolling basis until May 31st.

Transfer students are not eligible for the Sharpe program. There are other ways to explore engaged scholarship. Contact [[mdgrif, Professor Monica Griffin]] for more information.

apply now!

The application will include
  • Your contact information (including email address)
  • Brief background on past volunteerism
  • Your choice of one (1) essay question out of 4 possibilities.

May 31, 2018, midnight

About the Essay Question

What we're looking for:

  • A clear indication of promise for developing a scholarly orientation toward community engagement. Refer to your intellectual, social, or emotional transformation. How have you changed from early engagement experiences to more recent ones?
  • A clearly defined and articulated academic orientation to community engagement. For example, what is your intended major? or What course in the current Sharpe curriculum most interests you?
  • A focused approach to engaged learning. Do you have interests or community activities beyond a general interest in volunteerism?