William & Mary

Constance Hull '16

Constance Hull '16"My Sharpe Freshmen Seminar, Literacy and Social Change, set me on the path of research and community engagement that I would follow for my entire college career. Through my seminar I was connected with The Healthy Beginnings Project, a psychology lab that works with pregnant incarcerated women, which taught me to do research in a lab setting and engage with community members in need.

"The research proposal I wrote in my seminar prepared me for the two research projects I would conduct: my Monroe project, and a project I conducted abroad.

"In the fall of 2014, I spent a month doing field research in Bangalore, Karnataka with a program called SIT: Sustainable Development and Social Change, conducting a case study of avenues of employment available to people with intellectual disabilities.

"I am grateful for research skills I gained from the Sharpe Scholars program and for the inspiration it provided to look at the needs of a community through an analytical lens."- Constance Hull, '16