Sharpe Faculty

 The following faculty members have taught as Sharpe Professors, leading a community-focused seminar which was expanded upon with community service projects designed and lead by students.

David Aday
Professor, American Studies and Sociology

Jonathan Arries
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Anne Charity Hudley
Associate Professor of English and Linguistics
William & Mary Professor of Community Studies

Danielle Dallaire
Associate Professor of Psychological Sciences
Sharpe Community Scholars Professor of Civic Engagement & Entrepreneurship

Sharon DeFur
Professor of School of Education

Artisia Green
Assistant Professor of Theatre, Speech & Dance;
Africana Studies

Monica Griffin
Director of Engaged Scholarship and the Sharpe Community Scholars Program

Clyde Haulman
Professor of Economics

Chris Howard
Professor of Government

Heather Huyck
Professor of History

Leisa Meyer
W&M Community Studies Professor of History;
American Studies,
Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Anne Rasmussen
Professor of Music

Regina Root
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Joel Schwartz
Professor of Government and Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies

Drew Stelljes
Director of Community Engagement
Co-Director of the Office of Community Engagement & Scholarship

Dennis Taylor
Professor of Biological Sciences at VIMS

Jennifer Taylor
Associate Professor of German Studies