Community of Scholars Fund

Mini-grants from the Community of Scholars Fund are available to faculty, staff, and students to encourage intellectual interaction between faculty and students outside the classroom. Possible uses for this funding include book or film discussion groups; or trips to lectures, museums, performances, laboratories, or field sites, including associated travel and/or meal expenses.

While this funding may be used for extra-curricular activities associated with courses, it is not intended as a subsidy for required assignments or course projects. The primary goal is to stimulate and subsidize intellectual exchange between faculty and students in extra-curricular or co-curricular settings.

How to Apply
  1. Faculty, staff, and students are eligible to submit proposals to the Community of Scholars Fund. The applicant(s) must take part in the funded activity. Note that the Dean of Undergraduate Studies administers a similar fund that supports student-only projects.
  2. There is no timetable for submitting proposals. Proposals are funded on a first-come-first-served basis.
  3. Submit your one-page proposal to Teresa Longo, Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies, at [[tvlong]]. The proposal should include (a) a description of the activity and information about who will participate and (b) a brief budget.