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Saint Andrew’s Scholarship for Study in the UK

Grad school and cultural exchange in Scotland

Grade Level: Seniors of Scottish descent
2021 Campus Deadline: October 31

About the Saint Andrew’s Scholarship for Study in the UK

The Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York provides scholarships to promote cultural interchange and goodwill between Scotland and the United States by offering $35,000 towards tuition, housing, and related fees for graduate school in Scotland. Candidates for the scholarship are senior undergraduate students who will obtain a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the Spring of 2022 and can demonstrate the significance of studying in Scotland. Candidates should have evidence of Scottish descent and should also possess qualifications which will enable them to be good ambassadors for the United States while in Scotland. An appropriate official, with knowledge of the applicant’s financial status, must certify that assistance would be required for a year of graduate study in Scotland.

Campus Nomination Process

Overview: Interested students should email the campus Director of National Fellowships by the campus deadline of Sunday, October 31 at 11:59 p.m. The email should include information about the applicant's interest in applying for the scholarship and confirm that they meet the eligibility requirements listed above. Depending on the number of applications received, the Fellowships Office may schedule in person interviews for November in order to determine the campus finalist.

Application Format: Applications are fillable pdfs (distributed by the St. Andrew's Society directly to the campus Director of National Fellowships). As part of the application, candidates will answer a series of questions that give an overview of their qualifications and detail what makes study in Scotland a good for their personal and professional goals. Applicants also have to include two letters of reference, an official transcript, and an endorsement letter from a campus official.

Nominations: William and Mary is able to endorse one graduating senior per year.

National Application Process
The national deadline is December 15, 2021. All students must meet the campus deadline (posted above) in order to be eligible for endorsement by the national deadline. Learn more about the Saint Andrew’s Scholarship for Study in the UK including details about the program, eligibility requirements, and the mission of the society.
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