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W&M Freeman Intern Fellowships in Asia

Applications for summer 2022 are now open! Deadline to apply is December 10, 2021. 

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 Freeman Flyer

Quan Chau, a named Freeman Intern Fellow, created a short Vietnamese American play, "The Specter," exploring transgenerational trauma

The Charles Center, in partnership with the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program and Asian and Pacific Islander-American Studies Program, supports 22 summer internships in East and Southeast Asia.  Each student will receive up to $5,000 to aid in the cost of travel and living expenses. The duration of the internship must be a minimum of eight full-time weeks. 


  • The Freeman Intern Fellowship is limited to continuing undergraduates who are in good standing with the university. 
  • All academic fields of study are encouraged to apply.
  • The Freeman Fellowship supports internships in all countries in East Asia, with the exception of South Asia (e.g., India and Pakistan). Internships are available in Beijing, Busan, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar, and Vientiane. 
  • Fellowships are limited to United States citizens.
  • The fellowship cannot be used to fund study abroad and cannot be used to pay third-party study abroad or internship providers.


Students may identify their own internship or apply to be placed in one of the approximately 22 internships that we have pre-arranged. Some examples of these internships are:

The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA), Cambodia
ANSA is a network NGO monitoring government performance in education, health, natural resource management and related administrative public deliveries. ANSA contributes to the implementation of Check My School 2 in the reporting and development of ICT platforms related to social accountability.
The intern can be in the field of law, governance, project development, research, media, political science and ICT. The intern will work closely with ANSA management team in reporting, developing project news articles for the website, fundraising, conducting regional and country’s social accountability context analysis, and developing/designing project proposals along with ANSA’s strategic plan.
The Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific (ANSA-EAP) CheckMySchool, Manila 
ANSA is a network NGO monitoring government performance in education, health, natural resource management and related administrative public deliveries. ANSA contributes to the implementation of Check My School in the reporting and development of ICT platforms related to social accountability. CheckMySchool (CMS) is a participatory monitoring initiative for the education sector in the Philippines. Previous interns monitored and collected data on 893 public schools. The Freeman Intern Fellow will be given access to these data and will propose a framework for data management and analysis.
Internship requires skills in data management in SPSS and quantitative and qualitative data processing. The intern can be in the field of law, governance, project development, research, media, political science and ICT. The intern will work closely with ANSA management team in reporting, developing project news articles for the website, fundraising, conducting regional and country’s social accountability context analysis, and developing/designing project proposals along with ANSA’s strategic plan.
American Indonesian Exchange Foundation, Jakarta

AMINEF is a bi-national Fulbright commission, who works for educational and cultural exchange programs. AMINEF’s many programs for educational exchange have increased mutual understanding between the United States and Indonesia and strengthened the ties that unite the two countries. The intern will help to enhance the mission, strengthening cultural understanding, giving fresh ideas and inputs from the perspective of one of their target audience (Fulbright applicants). Institutionally, AMINEF is always eager to broaden the network with universities and other institutions in the U.S.

The intern will work in the Fulbright Commission office in Jakarta. They will assist Fulbright American Program Division, who work with American Fulbright grantees to Indonesia, and also with the Communication Division, who work on all aspects concerning external communication of the office and Fulbright program. The intern will assist the American Program Division team in improving the outreach of American Fulbright applicants by maximizing the use of social media and story sharing of the current grantees and alumni. With the Communication Division, the intern will assist in maintaining the social media content, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They will also help in improving the new online platform, Fulbrighter apps.

The ideal intern should have experience in social media content writing, digital communication platform, event organizing, and preferably has joined an international exchange program. They will have to be flexible enough to help two divisions in the office: American Program Division, and Communication Division. The intern will be interested in international education, international relations, English teaching, cross-cultural communication, social media and digital communication. Preferred majors are English, TESOL, Communication, International Relations, Education. Skills sets we are looking for include social media content, event organizing, writing, photography, intercultural communication. AMINEF is located in Jakarta, and most of the employees are Indonesians. Flexibility, adaptability, and willingness to work with colleagues from different culture, and background will be encouraged.
HekaBio K.K., Tokyo
HekaBio K.K. is a healthcare venture that endeavors to close the gap in access to life changing therapies for patients fighting intractable diseases in Japan.  In collaboration with global partners, HekaBio develops leading edge technologies, including medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cell and gene therapies, in therapeutic areas including cancer, neurology and auto-immune diseases.
Internship requires evidence of strong analytical and presentation skills, with preference for students majoring in Japanese, Japanese Studies, AMES, APIA, Pre-Med.
International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Office of the Deputy Rector for Internationalisation and Global Network, Kuala Lumpur
IIUM is a public university in Malaysia that is also sponsored by the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. Founded on Islamic principles, Islamic values are inculcated into all disciplines.
Internship requires strong writing skills. Students majoring in Education, Asian & Middle Eastern Studies, English, Theatre, and Creative Writing are preferred. One intern will work with the Deputy Rector for Internationalisation, and another with the Department of English Language and Literature.
Institute for Peace and Unification (IPUS) at Seoul National University, Seoul
Guided by a vision to achieve sustainable peace in the Korean Peninsula, the IPUS seeks to create the necessary discourse, policies, values and culture to establish multidisciplinary and convergent perspectives in peace studies.
Internship will focus on nuclear deterrence between China and North Korea and will include editing responsibilities for IPUS peace studies journal.
Jing-A Brewery, Beijing
京A Brewing Co., a microbrewery in Beijing, is the brainchild of W&M alum Alex Acker.
The interns will join our marketing/brand team and help with everything from events and beer festival organization to social media posts, website updates, new beer copywriting, graphic design, photography, video making, retail promotions, and much more. We often get our interns working on a business strategy project as part of their time with us too. In addition, we give all our interns a chance to help out in the brewery, generally one day a week, to learn how craft beer is made on a small 3 bbl brewhouse in downtown Beijing. Over 80% of our staff are Chinese, so there is plenty of time to practice and improve language skills too. Skills sets required include: strong writing/communications skills. Graphic design/wordpress/illustrator/photography/videography skills or hobby a plus. Preference for applicants with Chinese language skills.
Masakini Theatre Company, Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia’s prestigious Masakini Theatre Company produces shows at its Studio Ramli Hasan and for corporations. The company provides training for actors and are known to be the only contemporary theatre company in Malaysia producing shadow theatre or wayang.
Internship requires experience or training in theatre, dance, music, film production, fine arts and other applied arts. Interns will work in experience relevant duties in a production directed by Sabera Shaik and Masakini Theatre’s Italian collaborators.
Applicants to this internship will please inquire with Professor Francis Tanglao Aguas,
Middle East Institute - National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore
Middle East Institute exists to advance understanding of the Middle East, and to deepen engagements between the Middle East and Asia. Internship focuses on political science and Middle Eastern Studies. Applicants must complete a separate application with the host through their website found via this link
The successful applicant will be versed in social media and video production such as Twitter, Facebook, podcasts,  and video editing, as part of their role would include helping to take care of the institute's public outreach through podcasts, videos, and social media posts. 
Philippine Social Science Council, Manila

The Philippine Social Science Council (PSSC) is a private, non-stock, not-for-profit umbrella organization of professional social science societies and social science research and training institutions in the Philippines. Its mission is to advance the Philippine social sciences and, at the same time, serve as a platform for interdisciplinary dialogues and activities. PSSC has done this by providing support to the activities of its member-associations and institutions; administering grants and fellowships; conducting training workshops, fora and conferences; and pursuing and disseminating research.

The ideal intern will have strong research and coding skills (front and back-end) for the implementation of the PSSC Data Center.
Learn more 

Sant Maral Foundation, Gallup Poll, Ulaanbaator
The Sant Maral Foundation (SMF) was established in September 1994 as a public benefit, self-governing, non-profit non-government organization. The goal of the foundation is to contribute to Mongolia's social development geared towards the creation of a society based upon the principles of freedom, justice, and democracy. Since its formation, SMF established itself as the premier Mongolian polling institution in the country. Internship will focus on social science survey research.
Sing Lit Station, Singapore
Sing Lit Station is a literary arts organisation, a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character (IPC) in Singapore. Our vision is to be a platform where readers and writers can meet. Our core mission is to serve the local literary community of writers and readers, through (i) creating a space for writers to grow their artistic and professional lives; (ii) inviting readers to explore our literary culture; and (iii) working with many partners to build inclusive and dynamic communities. We are a recipient of the Major Company grant from the National Arts Council of Singapore from 2019-2022. 

 Intern duties would include, but are not limited to: 

(i) Video recording, video editing and writing critical introductions of Singaporean poets on our online poetry archive,; 

(ii) Interviewing poets, recording audio and spearheading podcast documentation of spoken word in Singapore; 

(iii) Planning, executing and supporting Writers Intercultural Exchange (WrICE), an Asia-Pacific residency programme that brings writers from across the Asia Pacific to Southeast Asia and Singapore for intercultural literary exchange and sharing; 

(iv) Planning, executing and supporting SEAPoWriMo in reaching out to the ten nations of Southeast Asia and its neighbours across multiple languages and cultures; 

(v) Designing and executing social media marketing and e-mail fundraising campaigns for Sing Lit Station’s activities; 

(vi) Assisting in logistics for creative writing workshops in underserved communities such as prison offenders and youth-at-risk. 

Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta, Jakarta
UIN is the State Islamic University based in Jakarta and offers two internship positions: (1) International Office, (2) Center for Research and Community Services.
The intern at the International Office will be tasked with: 1) developing information in English in the form of website, social media and campus broadcasts, 2) building creative forums for students in the dissemination of news, enabling the exchange of ideas, outlets for creative work within the university, and 3) fostering cross-cultural connections through international exchange between William & Mary and UIN Jakarta.
The Center for Research and Community Services intern will: 1) develop campus website and social media in English, 2) organize activities of many different student organizations within UIN Jakarta campus, and 3) attend classes to give brief talks about student and academic life in American universities.
The ideal intern will have:
(1) skills in building website (esp. English content)
(2) great organization skills
(3) good writing, editing and language skills suitable to Public Relations
Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), Taipei
TFD strives to play a positive role in consolidating Taiwan's democracy and fortifying its commitment to human rights. Internship requires writing and editing skills, videography, and video editing skills.
University of the Philippines-Natural Research Science Institute, Pathogen-Host-Environment Interactions Research Laboratory (UP-NSRI-PHEIRL), Manila 
Housed at the University of the Philippines’ Natural Science Research Institute, the Pathogen-Host-Environment Interactions Research Laboratory mainly focuses on work that require DNA-detection methods such as PCR and qPCR. Our laboratory currently handles organisms such as Entamoeba histolytica, Blastocystis sp., Escherichia coli, Salmonella sp., and Trichomonas vaginalis. These are mostly intestinal and urogenital microorganisms so it would be best if the student has no problems with handling samples such as meat samples, stool samples, sewage water, blood, and clinical swabs. 
The 8 week internship program provides mentorship in research projects and other microbiological methods and concepts to the interns from the College of William & Mary. The interns also provide assistance to our various projects where they can also learn about our projects. We prefer students who have backgrounds or courses in the sciences, particularly in microbiology, molecular biology, and protozoology. It is best if the student is also familiar with the concepts of bacterial and/or protozoan culture and polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Interns interested in the methods and organisms we study or related topics are welcomed as interns in the laboratory.
VC Growth Partners/Bayani Brew, Manila
VCGP is a stage-agnostic private investment group that targets high-growth and highly disruptive businesses in Tech, Advisory, and Consumer verticals. They will host up to two interns for Bayani Brew in the Philippines. Bayani Brew is a social enterprise brewing specialty teasan beverages and advocating sustainable sourcing from small local farms who produce organically grown ingredients.
One intern will focus on digital strategy, product innovation and financial forecasting while another will focus on the sustainability efforts and social enterprise component of the company.
Vectr FinTech Partners, Hong Kong
Vectr is a venture capital fund that reviews investments into early stage companies. Vectr also seeks investments that have a social impact. The intern will help prepare research and assist with investment process, meet with prospective companies, attend events and otherwise help the partners in their duties. Business or finance majors that have strong communication skills and students who speak more than one language (any language is fine) are preferred.
Village Focus International, Vientiane
VFI is a non-governmental organization based in Vientiane, Laos that aims to strengthen village life by eradicating human trafficking, assuring communities’ land rights, and increasing their food security. Intern desired needs to be a self-starter with strong communication and writing skills for research, policy briefs, grant proposals, reports to donors, communication, stakeholder analysis, and social media marketing of social enterprise projects. Other skill sets desired include communication and marketing, graphic design, social media, video making, web design. Applicants with experience in GIS and mapping and/or an interest in developing plans for expansion of eco- and agri-tourism activities and social enterprise are also welcome.

Internships may be in private firms, government agencies, or non-profits.  

Internships may take place immediately before or after a study abroad program. They may also be contemporaneous with study abroad programs, as long as the internship does not interfere with the academic program and the time is equivalent to eight full-time weeks.

All students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the vaccination and visa guidelines of the host country. All students must have CISI Comprehensive medical and evacuation insurance for the duration of their internship.  

Participating students are required to participate in a pre-internship orientation sessions in the spring semester. While in Asia, interns are required to blog about their experience throughout the internship. 

Upon return to William & Mary, the student is required to enroll in AMES/APIA 385: East Asia Think Tank) the following fall semester, a three-credit COLL 300 course where students will share their experience with fellow interns and pursue projects that came out of their experiences in East Asia.

The application consists of:

  • the completed online application form  (including a cover letter explaining why the applicant is a good fit with the internship)
  • a resume (2 pages maximum)
  • 1-2 page unofficial transcript - request a free one one here (note that it takes 3-5 days to process)
  • writing sample
  • Finalists will interviewed January 24-28

 For questions, please contact Francis Tanglao Aguas.


A generous grant from the Freeman Foundation made it possible for 20 William & Mary undergraduates to conduct unpaid internships in Asia in Summer, 2018 and 2019.  The purpose of this program is to provide students with a range of professional opportunities in structured, real-world settings that will allow them to clarify their career goals, enhance their career preparation, and develop their cultural competencies.   

This program is administered by the Charles Center for Academic Excellence, working in partnership with the Program in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies and the Program in Asian and Pacific Islander-American Studies.

2020 Named Freeman Intern Fellows

Juan Miguel Almirante
Austin Anderson
Athena Benton
Emma Burleigh
Alexandra Byrne
Holly Caboti-Jones
Quan Chau
Margot Cunningham
Leslie Davis
Gabrielle DeBelen
Jana El-Sayed
James Halderman
Saja Ibrahim
Jamelah Marie Jacob
Calvin Kim
Jeiho Kim
Julianne McFarland
Marcus Odin
Ansh Patel
Zoha Siddiqui
James Storen
Kathryn Yang

2019 Freeman Intern Fellows
Christopher Ahrens, Sant Maral Foundation, Ulaanbaator
Milena Almetica, Village Focus International, Laos
Jaime Luis Almirante, Philippine Academy of Microbiology, Philippines
Abigail Boyce, Village Focus International, Laos
Michael Briggs, Toyo Suisan, Japan
Margaret Chu, Training Vision Institute, Singapore
Matthew Crittenden, CheckMySchool, Philippines
Fathia Dawodu, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
Divya Dureja, International Islamic University Malaysia, Malaysia
Thai-Binh Elston, Sant Maral Foundation, Ulaanbaator
Nathaniel Liu, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy, Taiwan
Daria Moody, HekaBio, Japan
Caroline Morin, Village Focus International, Laos
Kaity Su, Institute for Peace and Unification, South Korea
Sean Tran, Vectr Ventures, Hong Kong
Eva Tsow, Toyo Siusan, Japan
Caleb Turner, Jing-A, China
Sahithya Vishwanath, Comedyfest, South Korea
Camille Zeraat, BayaniBrew, Philippines
Natalie Zyblut, BayaniBrew, Philippines
2018 Freeman Intern Fellows
Suzie Bae, East-West Management Institute, Laos
Heather Baier, CheckMySchool, the Philippines
Jason Bard, Nippon Neuroscience, Tokyo
Patrick Canteros, Contineo, Hong Kong
Tim Chen, Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Jakarta
Samuel Desmarais, East-West Management Institute, Laos
Christina Durham, Institute for Peace and Unification (IPUS) at Seoul National University, Seoul
Cherry Wang, Cocoon Capital Partners, Singapore
Kathryn Heller, East Asia Institute, Seoul
Alexis Jenkins, Wildlife Conservation Society, Cambodia
Austin Kalasky, Jing-A Brewing Co., Beijing
India Lindsay, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), Taipei
Helen McMillian, National University of Singapore (NUS)-Middle East Institute, Singapore
John Napoli, Cummins Inc., Singapore
Emma Shainwald, Bement School, Shanghai
Jack Shangraw, Sant Maral Foundation, Gallup Poll, Ulaanbaator
Rob Sherman, United Chinese Group, Taipei
Vincent Tandaw, Singapore
Hana Warner, Sekitani Lab. The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University
Angela Yost, CheckMySchool, the Philippines

For questions, please contact Francis Tanglao Aguas.