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Almost Finished?

Frequently Asked Questions

I've Almost Finished My Honors Project - Now What Do I Do?

Also see the complete Guidelines.
Deadlines, etc.

Q. When do I have to give copies of my thesis to my committee?

A. This deadline for doing this is two weeks before the last day of classes.

Q.  Do the committee copies have to be on acid free paper?

A.  No.

Q.  When is the deadline for submission of a copy of the signed cover sheet/title page to the Charles Center?

A.  For fall-spring theses: by 11 a.m. two Fridays before graduation. For spring-fall theses: by noon on the second Friday after classes end.

Q.  Who is responsible for submitting the cover sheet?

A. Students are responsible for submitting a digital copy of their signed cover sheet to the Charles Center using this form. 

Q. How does my department submit my level of honors?

A.  The department is responsible for reporting each student's level of Honors to the Charles Center immediately following the completion of the oral exam using an online form. This form will be emailed to department chairs and program directors. Check with your department for their internal policy (some departments have advisors or students submit the form).

Q.  Why is there a deadline for this?

A.  This is the deadline set by the Publications Office for Honors information to make it into the graduation bulletin.

The Defense

Q.  Does the Charles Center schedule the defense?

A.  No. Scheduling the defense is up to the student and/or advisor. Check with your department about their policy.

Q.  Where should I hold the defense?

A.  Since classes are still in session for part of the time it may be hard to schedule a classroom. Check with departments to see if department-controlled seminar rooms are available or try getting a room in the SC (or elsewhere) through the Scheduling Office (221-3272).

Q.  What do I need to bring to the defense?

A.  Bring a copy of the title page. After it's signed, a digital copy of this page will be submitted to the Charles Center.  You create your own title page - here is a sample (doc) that you can edit with your information.

Post Defense

Q.  Can I make changes to the thesis after the defense?

A.  Only corrections of minor typographical or mechanical errors will be allowed. After the oral exam, the committee may instruct the candidate to correct any errors discovered during the evaluation process.

Q.  What do I do with the final version of my thesis?

A.  The final version of the thesis must be uploaded to WMPublish.

Q.  Are there guidelines for submission of the thesis to archives?

A.  Yes. You can read them on the Swem Special Collections Research Center site.

Q.  Do I have to give a copy to my department?

A.  Check to see if your department wants a file copy.

Q.  Do I have to give a file copy to the Charles Center?

A.  No, the Charles Center doesn't keep theses on file.