University Teaching Project

Call for Applications

The Charles Center is pleased to invite all teaching faculty to apply to participate in the University Teaching Project, which provides an opportunity for faculty from Arts & Sciences and each of the Schools to learn about successful teaching approaches and to engage in a sustained dialogue on teaching with colleagues from across the campus. Each participant will apply what he or she learns to the creation or enrichment of a specific course that will be offered during the 2017-2018 academic year. The results of this preparation will be documented in a "course portfolio" that each participant will develop over the school year.

Each participant will be compensated with a stipend of $1,000.

The University Teaching Project

The Project will begin with a one-day workshop scheduled for Wednesday, August 23, 2017. Up to 30 faculty will meet to discuss their teaching philosophies and strategies, and begin the process of applying what they learn to the course they will be developing. The Project as a whole will meet no more than two other times during the school year, once in January (just before the Spring term begins) and again in early May.

Each participant will be part of a small group that will meet approximately once each month over the course of the year to discuss teaching issues and to review each other's evolving course portfolios. Small groups will conduct many of the same activities, including peer observation of each other's teaching.  However, groups composed of participants who are focusing on courses that they will teach in the fall term, 2017 will dedicate the spring term (2018) to a systematic "post-mortem" analysis of these courses, while faculty focusing on courses that they will teach in the spring term, 2018 will place special emphasis on pre-course planning in the fall term, 2017.

Participants will also attend workshops and discussions that are scheduled throughout the year. Depending on participant interest, topics might include strategies for: improving lectures; integrating research experiences into courses; teaching with technology; and helping students improve their writing and oral communication skills.

Mixed-Discipline Participation, and Same-Teaching-Area Participation
  1. Most of the project participants will apply as individuals, and the small groups into which they will be placed will include faculty from a variety of disciplines. While all small groups will discuss a wide range of teaching issues, where possible, we will organize groups according to the aspect of teaching on which participants wish to focus. For instance, please indicate if you would like to be placed in a group that will focus on lectures, discussions, writing assignments, freshman or advanced seminars, incorporating students into faculty research, service learning, or graduate courses.
  2. In addition, one or more of the small groups (each of which will have approximately 4-6 members) may come from the "same teaching area," be this a discipline or sub discipline within a department or school, an established interdisciplinary program or cluster area, etc. Members of the same-teaching-area small groups that are funded will function just like the other small groups in the project, attending plenary meetings, workshops, etc.; however, in their small group discussions they will focus on teaching issues unique or common to their teaching areas. Like the other small groups, these same-teaching-area groups must each have a participant from a previous Teaching Project to serve as its convener. This convener should be identified in the group's application.
Who is Eligible? 

All instructional faculty with appointments—including tenured, tenure-eligible, and non-tenure-eligible faculty appointments—that extend beyond the 2017-18 academic year are eligible to participate in the Teaching Project. 

The Application Process
  1. If you wish to participate as a member of a mixed-discipline group, please email your application to [[jxschw,Joel Schwartz]] by Monday, June 19, 2017. This application should consist of a one page statement describing what you would like to gain from this experience (please specify the course and aspect(s) of your teaching on which you would like to work), and what you might contribute (e.g., your experience with specific teaching techniques).
  2. Same-teaching-area applications should also be submitted electronically as a single packet. This should (a) identify the group's convener; (b) include a single statement from the group as a whole indicating the teaching and curricular issues on which the group would like to focus; and (c) include a one page statement from each group member indicating what he or she would hope to gain from, and contribute to, both the small group meetings and the Teaching Project as a whole.