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For Faculty

Faculty are involved in all aspects of programming at the Charles Center - bringing new ideas to the table, appointed to special Fellows and Professorship positions, mentoring undergraduate students in research, and helping to guide current initiatives and shape their future direction. New opportunities to participate are announced to faculty throughout the academic year. Continuing opportunities are described below.

Involve Undergraduate Students in Your Research

William & Mary has a national reputation for undergraduate research. Our faculty-centered approach, with direct one-on-one mentoring and support, extends academic learning in exciting and rewarding ways that benefit students and faculty alike.

We support undergraduate research opportunities:

  • Faculty who involve undergraduate students in their research may apply for funding to support that work.
  • We can work with you to develop and shape research opportunities that involve undergraduate students.
  • We can help match interested and qualified students to your research agenda.
  • You might be interested in pursuing some of our donor-sponsored initiatives related to undergraduate research.

Let's talk about your research opportunities: contact [[ejharb, Elizabeth Harbron]]

neXt: new, eXperiential, transformative

Faculty working with the Charles Center drive student learning to the neXt level. Here, faculty can:

  • Develop and offer innovative courses that include a Study Away component in 2023-24;
  • Be creative! The Incubator encourages models of faculty-mentored research that are not currently common on campus.
    • Possible examples include: collaborative teams of students working across disciplinary boundaries with multiple faculty members; a group of students attacking a single problem together as a "lab" in the Humanities; or a student-faculty pairing working with an external partner to address pressing societal needs.

Let's talk about your new idea: contact [[ejharb, Elizabeth Harbron]]

Contribute and Learn through Service Opportunities

Faculty provide invaluable guidance and oversight through involvement in our standing committees:

Faculty also help to select students for scholars programs, direct and evaluate Honors theses, oversee the academic component of some off-campus internships, and help students and recent alumni apply for competitive awards.

Your participation is a great way to learn the Charles Center landscape and engage with some of our most talented and ambitious students.

Let's talk about how you can get involved: contact [[ejharb, Elizabeth Harbron]]